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Your Weekly Astrology Forecast, February 20-26, 2022

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Let’s get moving into action
If your life’s too slow, no satisfaction
Find something out there, there’s an attraction
If you hesitate now, that’s a subtraction
So, let’s get moving, girl

—“Into Action,” Tim Armstrong

As we swim into the intuitive and highly spiritual sign of Pisces, we can no longer cover our eyes. The water sign’s season has just begun, bringing with it clarity, unveilings, big reveals, and awakenings. It’s the big shakeout, allowing us to see what is for us, as well as what is not.

Also, the combined planetary weather of Mars and Venus dancing together in the sky until March 6 reminds us that love is the label to wear. And with Pluto Return happening on the symbolic date of 2/22/22, we are taking the time to reprioritize our lives. This meaningful numerical sequence of twos activates balance, harmony, and a peaceful, unified stance in all areas of our lives. Pluto represents death and rebirth. It intensifies the feeling of purging and prompts us to proceed in a new direction. Pluto’s return is helping us get everything in order so that we are using our power in the most valuable way. This opportunity comes around once every 248 years, making it a significant time to manifest a new reality.

Every experience, every person, every moment of remembrance has a significant meaning and role in our life path. Not everything or everyone is meant to stay with us the whole journey. Wisdom, discernment, and boundaries help lead us to the altar of truth, keeping our focus on what really matters. Humility and compassion are the greatest shields. Be on the level, both with yourself and others.

This week, let beauty infuse your soul. Now is the time to expose and embrace the awakening. Wake up. Uncover that new layer. Be seen. We are shifting gears and getting ready to move into action.

What it means when the Sun moves into Pisces

Pisces season, which started on February 18, 2022, takes us right into the astrological new year on the spring equinox, March 20. Pisces is the most intuitive sign. Its energy is known as our divine consciousness and allows us to have closure, compassionate interactions, and heightened intuitive insight as to how we want to live our best lives. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces gives us the wisdom and knowledge of our inner awareness to know what to avoid and what to seek.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Together, they bring another level of self-renewal. Our spiritual vision is heightened, which strengthens our inner guidance to take the lead role. This is the season to be a conscious creator in your life. We are back at the start. We have a chance to do it all again, completely differently. Free yourself from the chains that keep you looking back. Unhook yourself from expectations of the future. Surrender and release the chaos.

How to navigate your astrology forecast this week

Keep going toward the light-filled path, keep going your own way, head up, heart open, one foot in front of the other. A new layer of who you are is emerging. Express the new version, chain-free, dancing in the direction of peace. Take off the backpacks of your vices, shadows, guilt, shame, self-sabotage. Unpack until your bags are empty. You have no use for this. Gratitude infuses the heart and releases burdens. Joy is a song of thanks. Say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Self-judgment can cripple us from many things. What are you judging yourself about currently? Release is necessary for growth. Unprocessed emotions, fears, and doubts can cause tension, disease, fatigue, and overall discomfort in our bodies. How does your body feel? Pause for a moment. Check in. Roll your shoulders back and create more space in your heart. Lift your crown and feel yourself grow taller. Engage the pelvic floor and the lower abdominals and feel the instant power to your presence. Scan your body. Check your midsection, is it clenched slightly or significantly?

We low-key always have a slight grip in our mid-section. This is where our willpower lives and also our self-esteem. We live in a time of constant uncertainty, that causes our sympathetic nervous system to fire up and take control causing our abdominal muscles to contract and try to protect us.

One of our most important muscles is the psoas, a hip flexor that is the primal messenger in the central nervous system that activates our fight-or-flight mechanism. The psoas is considered “the muscle of the soul.” Its biological job is to bring us into the fetal position, which keeps us safe from harm. It is the deepest core muscle, supports our internal organs, and works like a pump to allow blood and lymph to be given to our cells. It surrounds and protects our midsection, which energetically holds our personal power, self-esteem, and comprehension. Relax your midsection, take an audible deep breath out, release the hold of pressure, pause for a moment, and reclaim your personal power.

When the music come playing then you jump up, jump down
If you hook up the speakers, man, we’ll bring the sound
And the music will be heard from miles and miles around
We got songs of redemption, songs of war
We got songs like this that can pack the dance floor

Shake the ground underneath you, break up the soil. Dance it out, stomp your feet, get all that stagnant energy out. Keep aspiring to bring better feelings to the surface. Let who you are be enough.

Affirmation: I am enough. It’s time. Let’s get moving into action.

About our contributor

Tara Martell is a believer, spiritual mentor, energy medicine woman, intuitive, visionary, life coach, writer, master teacher, mom, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher-trainer. She has mentored numerous yoga students and teachers, co-wrote a yoga teacher training manual, and led international yoga retreats. She has spent the last two decades seeking, finding, and healing herself through yoga, spiritual work, and self-study. Follow her on Instagram @tt_1love.

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