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YJ Members Share Their Experience of the Yoga Community

Whether you practice online or in person, you’re surrounded by community. Here are some of the ways our members experience–and appreciate–the support of others.

I have had the rich, rich experience of some of the most amazingyoga teachers. Thank you, to all of you. I have learned from you. You know how I know? As a teacher, I am receiving feedback from students about new self-discoveries. So, sograteful.

—Sandy Weatherall Nanaimo | British Columbia, Canada

I love my yoga community! My friends and I started a club on our college campus, and it has been so much fun meeting new people and making yoga more accessible to students. It’s beginner-friendly and open to everyone, and we cannot wait to keep learning and growing with each other.

—Maria Caprio | Nashville, TN

I came to yoga later in life. I was asked if I would lead a weekly class to the senior community, which I gladly accepted. This amazing group of seniors, many of whom have never practiced yoga, are now making yoga a regular part of their lives. They learn not only asana but breath and meditation practices which help them enrich their daily lives between classes.

—Dave Emery | Winters, CA

What I love about my yoga community is my students. As a newly minted yoga teacher, I rely on them to remain accepting and open to the learning, whether they’re beginning hot yoga or practicing Yin.

—Maria Garriga | Covington, KY

I love my fellow yoga teacher training peeps! We started the training as strangers; four months later, we were family. We practice together and take each others’ classes regularly! They truly are some of the kindest, most talented yogis I know. 

—Kim MacPherson | Milton, GA

I’m a teacher/owner at a rural Kentucky studio, and the people are the best part! With such varied students in a class, we work through most variations of postures. This keeps me on my toes making sure all of our classes are inclusive for anyone who wants to come through the doors.

—Hope Hawkins | Munfordville, KY

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