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Why Bananasana Is This Yoga Teacher’s Favorite Morning Pose

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Time in the morning is special. Light streaming in through a window, the allure of a warm beverage, the thrill of a hot shower. OK, so maybe I’m romanticizing that morning time a little too much. But, regardless of whether you reluctantly roll out of bed or jump to your feet before your alarm, starting the day off with the right mindset is critical. This is why we love a morning yoga practice. You may opt to engage in a short yoga sequence in bed—or head off to your morning class. However, if you’re looking for just one pose to try to first thing in the morning, Bananasana may be it.

Claudia Jasper, a yoga teacher based in New York says Bananasana is her go-to morning pose. She says this pose lengthens both sides of her body, in addition to gently flossing the nerves. It’s true—this pose can help wake up your entire body, especially when combined with other soft twists. Plus, it feels amazing.

Coming into Bananasana

(Photo: Claudia Jasper)

Wondering how to come into this restorative posture? “Lay flat on your back [and] extend your arms long above you [and] your legs long in front of you,” Jasper says. “Take your right foot and cross it over your left. [Use] your left hand to grab your right hand. Take both limbs to the left.” After holding this posture for a few breaths, you can repeat the process on the other side, crossing your left foot over the right, grabbing your left wrist with your right hand, and moving your arms over to the right.

Rather than waking up with a vigorous posture, like Plank Pose, this restorative pose emulates the feeling of lying down to sleep, making it a great way to transition out of your bed—and into the rest of your day.

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