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What the New Moon in Aquarius Means for You

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Each month, the Moon makes her way around the Earth, shifting the Sun’s illumination on her as she dances through our sky. We feel her rhythm of waxing and waning until she returns to the new Moon phase and the start of a new lunar cycle.

This return to darkness also marks her monthly meeting with the Sun. During a new Moon, the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky. This conjunction is one of the most powerful aspects in astrology. The combination of these energies and the combined gravitational pull they exhibit make the new Moon a powerful time to harness the energy of the cosmos to create and design our lives.

During a new Moon, the combined effect of both the Sun and the Moon create a subtle frequency that is felt in our consciousness. Consciousness is simply awareness of external stimuli. One theory is that consciousness takes place at the point where differing energies intersect. It extends far past the physical body and grants us the ability to perceive things we cannot see. It also allows us to be affected by subtle energies, such as the Moon. When we work with the energy of the Moon, we are building awareness around these shifts in consciousness and directing them how we see fit.

Consciousness consists of varying levels. Some are on the forefront of awareness and are easy to work with, while others are buried deep below the surface of the psyche in the subconscious. The subconscious contains conditioned patterns from childhood, hidden fears, hidden dreams, and usually the true, authentic self. It is a myriad of energies that direct us without our awareness. During a new Moon, the additional frequencies provided by the Sun and Moon conjunction help bring subconscious energies to the surface of the mind.

With our deepest energies available to work with, the new Moon becomes a time to find out who we really are, what patterns are forming our basic modes of operation, and what desires are buried beneath the logical mind. It’s also a time to access intuition and higher knowing. These energies lie in wait in the subconscious mind, ready to direct our path if we open ourselves to listening to them.

The combined energies of the Sun and Moon are affected, or flavored, by the zodiac sign in which they are positioned. A new Moon is always in the same sign as the current Sun sign, making the qualities of this zodiac more prevalent in our lives, our minds, and our energy. Each month we can theme the work we do leading up to and on the new Moon with the aspects of the zodiac sign. These energies are swirling all around us. Why not use them to create your best life?

What the new Moon in Aquarius means for you

The new Moon in Aquarius on January 21, 2023, is a time to set intentions that help you set your frequency to attract the life you want to live. This is a very energetic new Moon, meaning it’s a time to work on your inner energetic body and the vibration you are emitting to the world. Whatever you emit attracts energy back in. This energy may come to you in the form of people, projects, resources, or other serendipitous encounters that help you manifest your visions.

It all starts with you, though, and the energy you are vibrating daily. This new Moon can help you fine-tune your frequency to make sure it reflects your authentic truth and the life you want to live.

Just like you wash your face and brush your teeth each day, you can also set your frequency. First, though, you need to know what frequency best represents who you really are. Finding this truth is where the work happens this new Moon in Aquarius.

Take a moment and feel who you are past all the patterns society has placed upon you. Look past the expectations handed to you by your caregivers. Go beyond the assumptions people make when they first see you. Peel back the conditions you had to meet to feel loved, accepted, successful, and whole. Break through your old programming and see it as just that—a program you were taught to run in your conscious mind.

As you journey through these layers, feel your pure state—the one you came into this world with before you were molded into something else. What is that energy? Is it love? Joy? Hope? Does it feel abundant and worthy? Take some time this new Moon in Aquarius to sit with yourself and honor your core essence. Feel the vibration that is your home.

Once you understand your core frequency, look at your conditioned patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative outlooks that disturb it. In simple words, what lowers your vibration? What takes you out of your pure essence and dampens your frequency? Over this new Moon, look at your automatic reactions and patterns. Investigate your inner narrative and become aware of when and how you complain, blame, or focus on the negative. While life isn’t always positive and fun, it’s important to notice when you are spiraling downward and focusing too much on the negative.

When negative feelings arise, give them space to be heard and seen while also redirecting your attention back to your core frequency. You have a choice each day to stay in the frequency you desire or allow another one to take over. Yes, there may be intrusive thoughts, worries, and situations that lower your vibration, but you always have the choice to return home to yourself.

Returning to your home frequency can take some work. We can’t just avoid negative feelings or thoughts. When we do this, they tend to get louder.

We need to acknowledge them while also acknowledging that we are not our thoughts or our feelings. If you are feeling sad or anxious, this does not make you a sad or anxious person. Rather you are a person experiencing sadness or anxiety. These emotions do not define you and don’t make up your core frequency. They are merely passing through you, and you do not need to become attached to them. They do not represent who you are at your core, and in many ways, your thoughts lie to you or at least don’t communicate your truth.

Over this new Moon, notice the thoughts and emotions that show up frequently in your consciousness. Where do they come from? What are they trying to convince you of? Is it true? For instance, if you have a thought that says you are not good enough for a chosen career, did that thought come from your core? Chances are, it did not. It most likely was handed to you by someone else and became a pattern in your psyche.

As you work with this new Moon in Aquarius, set intentions that help you recognize when you’ve allowed thoughts or emotions to define you. Notice when you allow them to change your vibration and take you away from the frequency of your soul. The more you understand what thoughts and emotions lower your vibration, the better you will become at simply acknowledging them and letting them pass. See them as drifting through your being, and do not become attached to any of them. Do not let them change your vibration and affect the frequency you are sending out to the world.

Instead of allowing thoughts, emotions, or outside influences to affect your frequency, own it. Take control of it each day through practices and exercises that help you adjust it.  For instance, if you want to vibrate in the frequency of love, what helps you feel love? Writing a love letter to yourself? Opening your heart by caring for others? Or, if you want to exist in the vibration of abundance, what makes you feel abundant? Focusing on what you have already? Being grateful?

Harness the energy of the new Moon to help you create practices you can do each day to help you set your frequency just like you decide what shirt you will wear. You can take control of your vibration. When you do, you take control of your life. When you send out the vibration of gratitude, abundance returns. When you send out joy, more joy floods your world and experiences to help you remain joyful. Like attracts like in the world of energy. Remember that as you plant your intentions on this New Moon.

Other astrological influences on the new Moon in Aquarius

The new Moon in Aquarius sits near Pluto in Capricorn, bringing this energy into our consciousness. Pluto brings up past pain and trauma. On this new Moon, it illuminates how unresolved issues from our past may be affecting our current frequency. When we allow our past to shape us, it constrains our expansion and our ability to live in the present. Living in the present is essential for owning our frequency.

Spend some time reflecting on past pain and how it may be affecting your vibration today. What healing work do you need to do to clear this from your energy? How can you learn from it and resolve it so that it no longer affects you? You cannot change your past, but you can prevent it from shaping how you feel today.

Jupiter is also involved in this new Moon’s energy. The Moon and Sun form a sextile with this planet, which adds its energy to the day. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It reminds us that we have potential, and with the right dedication, we can meet that potential. Jupiter asks you to see the bigger picture of your life and energy with this new Moon. It wants you to see the possibilities in front of you and know that you can achieve anything. Jupiter reminds us that happiness is an inside job. Our outer world is created by our inner world. If we feel expansive, then our life expands. If we live in fear and contract our energy, our world contracts.

As you work with Jupiter’s energy on this new Moon, allow it to lead you to your energetic potential. You can embody a frequency that attracts everything you need to reach your highest visions. You just need to tune into it each day and release anything that lowers that frequency.

Your invitation

Let Aquarius show you the way. Start thinking of yourself as energy. You just happen to be taking form as a physical being with thoughts and emotions, but they are not your ultimate truth. Your truth is energy. And that energy is capable of anything.

Learn more about the full Moon, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Aquarius Season + New Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

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Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.

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