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What the Full Moon in Aquarius 2023 Means for You

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The full Moon in Aquarius on August 1, 2023, lends an inspiring energy to the start of the month. This full Moon takes place opposite the Sun in Leo, bringing more attention to our uniqueness, genius, and willingness to evolve into our truth. It also affords us a chance to shed any habits and patterns that block our authentic expression. First, though, we need to find out where these patterns show up and how they were formed.

What the Influence of Aquarius Means

Aquarius is one of the more complicated signs of the zodiac and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. Aquarius represents the collective. Like all air signs, it connects us. It guides our societal norms, along with our definitions of collective terminologies such as success, power, and freedom.

Aquarius also influences group dynamics, including who leads the collective, how we treat one another, and even more importantly, who changes the rules that govern all of us. In its highest manifestation, Aquarius helps us all live our truths while honoring others, even if our truths don’t agree with theirs. It’s about seeing differences while also living in equality. Aquarius has the power to help us feel connected to all beings and make choices that empower everyone.

Aquarius also governs the collective consciousness. In its simplest definition, this is the shared thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of a society. The collective consciousness influences everyone’s thoughts and conditioned patterns, even when they don’t realize it. It creates thought paradigms and ingrained belief structures.

Some of the collective consciousness can be seen and heard. It appears in advertising, statements from the government, and our social media feeds. It is also an awareness of what the collective is doing, thinking, and even feeling at any given time. It’s a vibration, and we all tune into its frequency, although it’s best understood through the lens of Aquarius.

Aquarius also governs rebellious behavior and individuality. Here is where Aquarius grows more complex. On one hand, Aquarius’s energy helps us draw together to form societal structures and training. On the other hand, it also helps us break the structure of society through rebellious acts that challenge the status quo.

To reconcile these seemingly opposing energies of Aquarius, we need to understand it as a continuous cycle of evolution. We are hardwired to evolve as human beings. Transformation is one of the primary motivating factors for all behaviors. Humans want to evolve, and so do the societies they live in. Without change, and without people who demand change, society stagnates.

What the Full Moon in Aquarius Means for You

During the full Moon in Aquarius, become keenly aware of how you are influenced by society. Societal training comes in many forms. We learn from our parents, our schools, and our peers. Many of our lessons are deliberate, having been thought out by the people teaching them, but many of them are unconscious.

Quote about Aquarius

In our early stages of development, we are like sponges. We absorb the environment around us and pick up habits, behaviors, and conditioned responses without our awareness or the awareness of the people whose behaviors we are absorbing. We also form concepts by merely living in a world full of other people whose combined knowledge creates the collective consciousness. Consider how you have been programmed by the world around you.

Unfortunately, society is set up in a way that does not honor our uniqueness. From a young age, we are taught what is important to be good at, what is frowned upon, and just how different we can be until we are rejected.

Full Moons are about release and a pathway to evolve forward. On this full Moon in Aquarius, ask yourself what patterns show up over and over again, and look at how you learned those patterns. Ask yourself if you are suppressing your true nature in any way because it’s not accepted or respected by the people around you. Notice what you do when you feel a truth inside of you. Do you share it? Or do you suppress it? Feel into the energies that you want to release, the ones that don’t represent who you are at your core.

Also, recognize the places in your life that you want to shift and change but resist because you fear rejection. It’s okay to change and evolve. You do not have to be the same person your whole life. Yes, some people in your life will not be comfortable with you changing, and that’s okay. You are not here to please everyone and seek their approval. You are here to approve of yourself.

Ideally, you want to emit an energetic frequency that corresponds with who you are in your heart and soul. Anything that blocks this energetic expression needs to be released so you can share your authentic vibration.

Remember that you are always absorbing and contributing to the collective consciousness that connects us all. You want to ensure the vibration you’re adding is one of truth, honesty, and compassion. Feel into what makes you yourself, and what unique perspectives you are here to offer the collective. Then align with the full Moon in Aquarius to shift away from the patterns, formed throughout your life, that cause you to hide your brilliance. Instead, help shape a new path forward for yourself and society by aligning with your higher truth.

Full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo

Throughout this full Moon in Aquarius, we have the opportunity to raise our frequency by working with both the energy of Leo, where the Sun is positioned, and the energy of Aquarius, where the Moon lands. This full Moon allows us to fully integrate the higher vibrations of both of these signs while releasing their lower frequencies.

The highest vibration of Leo and Aquarius is unconditional love for all beings, including love for ourselves and others. True acceptance leads to true belonging for all people. The key to achieving this high vibrational state is releasing the lower vibrations. The lower frequencies range from extreme aloofness to dramatic attention-seeking behavior. This part requires some shadow work.

Quote about the lower frequency of Leo

Shadow work helps us make the unconscious conscious. It allows us to peer into the subconscious and find our emotional triggers, the origins of our reactions, and our judgments. Shadow work is the work of every full Moon. Under the Moon’s light, we can see and feel any energies we may embody that block our highest potential, transform them, and release them.

On one end of lower frequencies is the extreme side of Aquarius, and on the other is the extreme side of Leo. Our job this full Moon is to let go of these extreme, or low, sides and find a balance point in the middle that embodies these signs’ higher frequencies. This work can be uncomfortable, but it is pivotal for your energetic evolution.

Leo’s lower vibration, or shadow side, leaves the high vibration of love and enters the shadow of the ego. The ego can be a good thing: it provides self-esteem and helps us define ourselves. It is the basis of our identity, formulates our “I” statements, and helps us stay focused on what’s most important to our growth.

A healthy ego can increase our willpower and give us confidence during challenging circumstances. It also helps us be vulnerable and admit how we feel from the “I” perspective. Statements such as “I don’t know” and I’m sorry” come from the ego.

While the ego can be a strength, it can also be a weakness. When the ego takes a turn for the dark side, we end up aligning with the low sides of Leo: arrogance, neediness, and closed-hearted living. When our egos get out of control, we lack vulnerability and cannot admit fault. We live in fear of rejection from others to the point where we can’t take accountability for our actions.

In the lower vibrations of Leo, we also overexert our will on others, attempting to control them and force their approval. This may look like dramatic behavior to gain attention or manipulate praise. When we become needy and unaware of the pressure we place on others to validate our talents, our self-acceptance becomes interlinked with the outside world. We forget that the only approval we need is our own and we become a performer feigning authenticity for the applause of others.

If you find your behavior marked by an unbalanced ego, bring yourself back to center by defining who you are. Write a list of “I” statements that define you. Admit your strengths and weaknesses. You can include statements like “I am sorry for …” or “I am wise” or “I am loving” or “I am causing drama because …” or “I am scared.” You can decide on the list, but the purpose is to put your ego in check by speaking directing from it and your heart. As you make this list, accept who you are and love yourself.

Aquarius, like Leo, also has a lower side to its energy: aloofness and disconnection. Aquarius teaches us that we each have the power to change the world by showing up in our truth. When we align with the low side of Aquarius, we forget our power and retreat from the world. We become aloof and withdraw our energy from the collective. We leave it up to others to change systems and structures that govern all of us. We withhold our ideas not because we don’t think people will like them, but because we don’t feel like contributing them. We lose our inspiration to incite change and instead live our lives the way we want.

Yes, there is personal freedom in this low side, but it’s to an extreme. It’s the type of freedom that breaks away us from society and leaves the world to fend for itself. When we align with the most extreme side of Aquarius, we sit on the sidelines and judge others who are trying to change the status quo. This side grants us many opinions, and we may even share them, but in a nonconstructive way. When we align with this frequency, we forget to take personal responsibility for the problems around us. We blame the larger organizations that govern and spin tales of what “should” be done instead of realizing we contribute to the greater whole.

One clue that you are aligning with this vibration is when you start blaming others for things you could change yourself. Blaming is a disempowering energy, in which we forget that we are just as powerful as and equal to the people making the rules that dictate our personal freedom. We each have a responsibility to contribute our uniqueness, voice, and greatness to the world. If we all do this, we change the frequency of the planet.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower frequencies of Aquarius, get involved in something. Find something that you believe in and can support with your energy. Empower yourself to contribute your intelligence and energy to shaping the world we all live in. Choose something that resonates with your soul and allows you to express your individuality. This may be through volunteering or creating a platform to educate others about something. It may look like getting involved in your local community or learning more about how you can get involved. You may become a leader of a movement or a much needed supporter of a cause. Either way, contributing your energy to evolving the collective will help you shift away from the lower frequency of Aquarius.

As you become aware of the lower frequencies of both Leo and Aquarius and where they are showing up for you, you can release them. On this full Moon in Aquarius, feel your capacity to evolve society to a new level of existence by doing the work on yourself to raise your vibration. Feel your capacity for unconditional love of all people and let this love lead every decision.

Other Astrological Influences on the Full Moon in Aquarius

The main aspect of every full Moon is the opposition between the Sun and Moon. This 180 degrees of separation allow us to see all sides of ourselves. Oppositions reveal energies that tend to stay buried beneath the surface. On a full Moon, though, everything is out in the open. We can see the many angles of our energy and understand it at a deeper level.

While this opposition is always present on a full Moon, what makes each one unique is the aspects that the Moon and Sun create with other planets in the sky. This full Moon has many aspects that contribute to the intensity of the day.

The Moon and Sun both square Jupiter in Taurus. Squares exist when cosmic bodies are 90 degrees away from one other and can cause friction or tension. Squares show us where we are blocked in our growth and what we need to overcome in order to embrace the next version of ourselves.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. This energy wants us to find our potential and encourages us to reach for our biggest dreams. Jupiter reminds us to honor who we are in this life by fully living our truth and never staying small for anyone else. As the Sun and Moon square this planet, the places where you might be stagnating or not reaching for your potential are illuminated. This aspect also brings up issues of vulnerability and helps you look at where you might be scared to step into the most expanded version of yourself.

Look at where you are keeping yourself small or not taking up the space you deserve. Notice if you are hiding your truths or talents and ask yourself why. Does taking up space make you feel vulnerable? Does expansion frighten you? It’s important to remember that growth generally feels uncomfortable. Staying in places you’ve outgrown, though, brings even more discomfort.

Recognize the spaces and places you’ve outgrown in your life or the ones that don’t align with your authentic truth. Ask yourself why you are attached to them and what they are serving in your life. Then work on shifting patterns that confine your energy and, instead, release it into the world. Let yourself be seen this full Moon.

Another major aspect of this full Moon in Aquarius is Mercury in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. Even though the Moon is not involved in this aspect, it still affects the energy of the day. Mercury is the planet of communication. In Virgo, this planet brings detail and refinement to our energy exchanges. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and commitment. In Pisces, this energy softens and becomes less rigid, our commitments widen to include new interests, and we may even find ourselves shifting responsibilities to our spiritual growth. Mercury and Saturn both contribute to changes in the way we think, speak, and embody the energy of society.

Saturn is also one of the planetary rulers of Aquarius, along with Uranus. Saturn in Pisces helps us understand where the rules of society need more or less flexibility. It also teaches us how to place boundaries around things, like technology, where there haven’t been many restrictions. Likewise, it also has the potential to shift regulations around creative endeavors. As Mercury opposes Saturn this full Moon, there may be communication about boundaries both with yourself and others. You may also see this energy mirrored in society.

Your Invitation

The collective consciousness has the potential to shift during this full Moon. Notice what boundaries are dissolving and which ones are coming together this full Moon, then ask yourself if you align with these changes or not. Do you want to add your energy to societal shifts taking place, or do you want to work to speak your truth against them? Feel your truth this full Moon and commit to it, then find ways to communicate it and help shape the energy we all live in.

As you shift your energy with the help of the full Moon, you can bring awareness to your outdated patterns and make space to form new ones that more accurately represent who you are and what you want to emit to the world.

Learn more about the new Moon in Gemini, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Aquarius Full Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted. You can also learn more about your personal natal chart.

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