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Weekly Astrology Forecast, February 13-19, 2022: Let Love Lead

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So follow, follow the sun
The direction of the birds
The direction of love. 

This week we have a chance to let love rule, to let our hearts and desires motivate our actions. With the full moon in bold Leo on February 16, 2022, we are reminded to live in the light. To act on our desires without hesitation, to be fearlessly ready to take flight to freedom, stand out in the crowd, and soar into unprecedented success.

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Let the full moon inspire you

Leo, fittingly, is ruled by a star, the sun. Leo’s illuminating energies bring us the light of the day, the light of life itself, and a mindset of, “I can do it.” This inspires us to attain a new level of leadership. This isn’t the time to consider or contemplate, it’s the time to do. We are transitioning to a new playing field full of new energy with new experiences. Follow the words of Xavier Rudd:

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone
Brand new moon, brand new sun

Leo’s elixir is the joy that they exude, which shines light on our negative thoughts and reminds us of the light within. This energy teaches us to quiet our inner critic and celebrate being bold, talented, enthusiastic, happy, and content. It’s a wonderful feeling to celebrate your life. The invitation is to release what we have been holding in, giving us the opportunity to experience the full expression of an open heart.

One of Leo’s best traits is being generous with time. Embrace your generous spirit. Create a burning desire to do good for other people. Ruling the heart itself, Leo invites you to be patient with yourself and give that same gift to others. Express your childlike spirit, the spirit of celebration, by putting your heart into everything you do.

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Let your intuition lead you

The sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, 2022, which begins our crossover to “the other side.” Pisces is the sign of intuition, our spiritual heart. It is the sign of feeling everything intensely. We are being guided to move to a higher ground. We are being nudged to tear down our walls and come out from our hiding places. It’s not easy to get to the other side. It takes courage, perseverance, and real work. The time is right. Don’t hold back.

So which way is the wind blowin’
And what does your heart say?

Pisces, a water sign, is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality of human and spiritual life. This transition brings us into balance in ways that support our highest good. Under Pisces energy, our dreams are activated, stirring us to put love, time, and attention in the details. Let inspired and heartfelt interactions, meaningful conversations, and discernment be your heart’s focus. Recognize any moments of insight that bring about big change and freedom from the things that hold you back. Let love in and let love out.

Pisces also rules the feet, a symbol for walking your spiritual path. Check in with what lies ahead. Remove the obstacles, leave no stones in your way. Make your path straight, smooth, and free of debris. We are in a time of unfolding. What adjustments need to be made at this time to live your best life? Go back to the basics. Let go of the grip of old worn-out habits, self-sabotage, and negative behaviors and patterns that block you from opportunity and possibility waiting to come your way.

How to navigate your astrology forecast this week

Let the structures change. Open a new door to a light-filled path as there is magic all around you. What you seek you will find. Remove the chains of time, bend your darkness into light, add more light-infused energies into your life, redefine your path to greatness. Be strong and courageous. Know that you can do it. Be who you are, without self-judgment. Reclaim your personal power of choice. Put your love in the details.

More than anything, embrace the unique beauty that you bring to this world. The more you honor yourself, the brighter you shine. Light above, light below, light within. Love above, love below, love within.

Affirmation: I choose love as the medicine.

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Tara Martell is a believer, spiritual mentor, energy medicine woman, intuitive, visionary, life coach, writer, master teacher, mom, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher-trainer. She has mentored numerous yoga students and teachers, co-wrote a yoga teacher training manual, and led international yoga retreats. She has spent the last two decades seeking, finding, and healing herself through yoga, spiritual work, and self-study. Follow her on Instagram @tt_1love.

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