Top Yoga Studios in Regina

Regina, the second largest city of Canadian province of Saskatchewan, is often known as the ‘Queen City’. The Capital city has a rich cultural life in music, theatre and dance. Owing to people of Regina being enthusiastic about nature, much of the overall area has been dedicated to parks and greenspaces. A number of activities are conducted to make people feel close to nature. One of the most exciting attraction points is the presence of yoga studios in Regina.

Regina yoga studios help individuals, at different stages of learning yoga, gain mastery over this ancient art. We have listed some of the most unique yoga studios in Regina to help you find a place to do yoga safely and comfortably.

  1. Bodhi Tree Yoga

Among the best yoga studios in Regina, this studio provides a well-established space for community yoga. Their flexible class schedule fits everybody. Their coaches are well-trained in different yoga forms and help students understand the meaning of yoga and the best asanas for their bodies. The primary instructor Sarah has been a yoga therapist for several years. The fundamental element of their classes includes posture correction, work on breathing, spiritual healing techniques, etc. They provide training in Yoga for Women, Bodhi 1-2, Relax and Renew, Hot Yoga, Warm Bodhi Bliss, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga, etc. You can buy their unlimited summer class pass to get benefits and discounts.

  1. Yoga Mala

Among the innovative yoga studios in Regina, this studio is the best for educating and enhancing practitioners at all levels. The founder and primary instructor of this well-established studio Emma Korkola have been helping people awaken their minds and bodies for a long time. Emma’s method harmonizes and awakens inner strength and infinite potential. Their facility has a long history of tradition, much like the teachings, they impart at Yoga Mala. It is a Yoga Alliance-registered school that offers two-hundred and three-hundred-hour teacher training programs in Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Ashtanga Foundations.

  1. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

This studio is one of the best yoga studios in Regina to practice infrared hot yoga at a stable temperature. Their classes are open to everyone. While exercising at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, you can benefit from far infrared radiation. They are the first and only far infrared hot yoga studio in Canada, with more than seventy studios across the country. They are the country’s fastest-growing yoga and fitness brand, giving trial classes for just $10 for the first week. They provide specialized courses in Pilates, Hot Power Yoga, Yin and Yang, Ashtanga Yoga, Prenatal, Yoga, etc. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness seeks to assist individuals and their communities through hot yoga and exercise.

  1. Niche Yoga And Therapy

This little studio is one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Regina city. It is full of color and has an old heritage touch. They provide a range of yoga sessions for a whole week without a break. They welcome both newcomers and seasoned practitioners. Besides various yoga classes, they also offer Thai massage therapy in their studio. This studio does not provide yoga mats, so you have to bring your own. They also refrain people from strong-fragrance body products. After training, they give you a new towel to clean the sweat and a mat cleaner made of vinegar and tea tree oil.

  1. Quan’s Hot Yoga

It is one of the top yoga studios in Regina,offering an enriching wellness experience. They provide Hot Yoga classes ranging from Advanced Hot Yoga to Gentle Warm Yin. They heat the rooms using modern radiant heaters and an HVAC circulating filtered system to give new oxygen levels. High environmental standards were taken care of while designing the studio. An HRV system supplies oxygenated air to keep fresh air moving through the warm studio. You could experience various effects after going to Quan’s studio, like excellent energy levels, mental relaxation, detoxification, etc.

All in all, it can be said that yoga studios in Regina have everything that a yoga practitioner needs to move his or her practice ahead. Go through the services and ambience offered by yoga studios to know about them in detail.

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