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Top Yoga Studios in Quebec City

Seated on the banks of Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City is the capital city of Quebec. Being the second largest city in the province of Quebec, the city boasts of great architecture as well as parks. This city which has been a host to a number of sporting events and provides a number of yoga studios which help citizens as well as visitors enhance their health quotient.

With the number of yoga studios located in Quebec City, it is easy for anyone to find the studio that fits their needs and requirements. Providing the right ambience to perform the ancient practice, these yoga studios also offer the expertise of trained masters.

Although there are a number of yoga studios present in this Canadian province, we have listed the best yoga studios in Quebec City.

  1. Namaste:

With two studios located across the province of Quebec, Namaste Yoga Studio has served clients with varying levels of knowledge. Apart from in-studio classes, this one of the top yoga studios in Quebec City also offers online training and programs. It provides various classes to help students realize their inner potential through Hatha Yoga, Infrared Hot Yoga, Air Yoga, Power Yoga, and a number of other practices. Every week the studio organizes yoga workshops and closed group sessions.

  1. Studio Parallele:

This is one of the most unique yoga studios in Quebec City that is equipped with experienced and knowledgeable teachers who evaluate and guide the students to choose the right level. Mastering Pole Fitness, the studio offers various classes to help students enhance their fitness levels using poles. The aim of providing varied courses starting from basic to advanced is to let each student be comfortable and also reach his or her full potential.

  1. Yoga Fitness:

This yoga studio offers in studio as well as online programs to help students train themselves in the ancient art of yoga. It is equipped with a team of experienced teachers who offer the needed guidance and expertise at all times. Through its Yoga Fitness Community, the studio aims to bring together people who want to enhance the health of their body and mind. This platform provides hundreds of yoga and fitness classes. Being one of the best yoga studios in Quebec City, it offers classes of various styles of varying durations. It welcomes all no matter what their age, fitness and knowledge level.

  1. Hot Yoga Prana:

Hot Yoga Prana is one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Quebec City to provide varied courses according to the age, flexibility, and capability of the students. Beginners can choose very gentle Vinyasa, Hatha, or Gentle Vinyasa. PowerFlow or Mild/Moderate Vinyasa is offered to those who have already experience. All classes are conducted in a room heated to 37 to 38 degrees Celsius.

  1. Yoga Lounge Sadhana:

Acclaimed as one of the most innovative yoga studios of Quebec City, Yoga Lounge Sadhana consists of a team of professionals who are passionate about yoga. Irrespective of the comfort and skill level of the student, the competent teachers at this studio guide them while making them feel easy. It also provides hot power flow yoga for students who already have yoga experience and are fit. Another interesting course they offer is ‘Novelty’ which involves movements combined from Yoga and Pilates. With the wide variety of courses available, you will surely find the one that suits your requirements and caliber.

Simply put, Quebec City Yoga Studios have courses to offer to students with varying skill level. They provide the right ambience to practice hot yoga with perfection. The guidance provided is by experienced and expert teachers which ensures that the students grasp the concepts and realize their full potential.

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