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Top Yoga Studios in Kelowna

The city of Kelowna is a year-round favorite vacation destination because of its classic vineyards, fantastic weather, food scene, and beaches. It is located in the center of British Columbia’s sun-drenched Okanagan Valley. This city is also famous due to the presence of world-class yoga studios. Over the past few years, the city and surrounding areas have seen many yoga lovers, giving rise to yoga studios. Yoga has become a very demanding activity that people of any age group can do. From beginner-friendly classes to challenging sessions, our list of the best Kelowna yoga studios provides the impeccable opportunity to take your practice to the next level.

  1. Pranify Yoga

Previously known as Modo Yoga, this is one of the innovative yoga studios in Kelowna that has grown strong since 2011. Their primary offering is Hatha yoga, a low-intensity practice focusing on specific poses to help open the body and increase flexibility. As one of the most popular yoga studios for beginners, it is perfect for anyone with little or no yoga experience looking to ease into their practice. This studio also offers a wide range of yoga classes for all levels, including yoga for seniors and kids. Their mission is to create enriching experiences that elevate spiritual bliss in mind and body.

  1. Our Yoga Space

Our Yoga Space is one of the most unique yoga studios in Kelowna for anyone looking for a sublime yoga studio for their practice. It offers an array of yoga courses, including yoga for seniors and kids. It also provides many other wellness programs, including yoga for pregnant women, yoga for mental health, and yoga for cancer support. They want to establish a place where everyone may feel at home and can come to unwind after a long day. They consider their instructors to be the family’s heart and soul. The schedule house app allows you to schedule your classes online.

  1. Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

If you are looking for beautiful yoga studios in Kelowna that are relaxing and visually stimulating, you will find them in Kelowna’s Oxygen Yoga and Fitness. This studio offers a variety of classes for every level, including beginner-friendly Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin, and Hot Yoga. In addition to their regular schedule, this studio also offers limited drop-in yoga classes for those looking for classes to take at their own pace. The studio provides complimentary yoga mats, shawls, blocks, and straps, so you don’t have to bring anything with you when you come.

  1. Bliss Yoga Lounge

Located in downtown Kelowna, Bliss Yoga is one of the best yoga studios in Kelowna. It offers a variety of classes for all levels, including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, and Yin Yoga. BlissYoga offers slow beginner-friendly courses that allow you to take them at your own pace. Since this studio is in a public space, you can bring your mat, shawl, and props. This studio is perfect for practicing yoga during your lunch break or after work, as it’s open until the evening. Bliss Yoga Lounge also offers private lessons for those looking to learn new techniques and deepen their practice. You can visit their website to check the regular yoga classes, workshops, and events schedule.

  1. Luna Scura

One of the top yoga studios in Kelowna, it offers a wide range of classes, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. In addition to their regular schedule, Luna Scura provides a series of workshops, which takes place in various outdoor locations around the city. This studio in Kelowna also focuses on inclusivity; they welcome students of all ages and levels, including new practitioners. Whether you are looking for a regular yoga practice or want to learn new yoga techniques, it is the perfect studio for you and your friends. It also offers private events, including yoga retreats, for those looking for a more personal experience.

If you have ever wanted to take a step away and let your body relax, you must check out these best yoga studios in Kelowna. Although it might seem something new and different, many people are now starting to rediscover the benefits of regular yoga. The calming and meditative practice benefits everyone, regardless of age or experience. So do not hold yourself back, and start your yogic journey today!

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