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Top 5 Yoga Studios in Surrey

Yoga is undoubtedly an effective spiritual discipline which helps in enhancing strength, balance, and flexibility. Apart from strengthening your body, it also helps you in releasing stress by promoting your mental well-being. However, performing yogic practices in the right ambience and in the right manner is very important to realize its complete benefits.

This is why yoga studios have come into place.

Wondering what’s a yoga studio?

Yoga Studio is a room or a building designed to conduct yoga classes for students interested in learning this ancient practice. It can be a single room or a structure with numerous rooms. Also, heated humidified rooms are provided for performing hot yoga. Yoga studios help in enhancing personal growth and provide the right environment to do self-study (svadhyaya).

To help you find the right yoga studio, we have listed top yoga studios in Surrey.

  1. Yoga 360

Located in this province of British Columbia, Surrey, Yoga 360 provides yoga classes to students at different stages of learning yoga. No matter what the fitness level and age, interested students are invited to the studio to enhance their health and fitness levels. They provide traditional hot Bikram, fun as well as intense Pyropilates, dynamic Vinyasa, unique Fusion, and Yin classes. With a zeal to share her love for yoga, Candice Lim Hing established Yoga360. After successfully running a number of studios across different regions, Candice has now shifted her focus to Surrey location. With her energetic personality she keeps encouraging students to try their best when it comes to technique and discipline. while helping you realize your inner potential, she ensures that her classes are also fun-filled.

  1. Vayusha Yoga Studio:

With classes designed for beginners as well as advanced learners, Vayusha Yoga is well-known for its customized classes and is considered one of the best yoga studios in Surrey. The studio offers a number of variations of yoga including Hatha Vinyasa, Yin and many more. It believes in encouraging students to achieve their goals by finding the right balance between body and mind. The guides and teachers help students realize their true inner potential by blending breath with conscious movements.

  1. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Infrared Studio

Being one of the most unique yoga studios in Surrey, Oxygen Yoga and Fitness infrared studio gives you a feel of being on a beach. It provides sophisticated FAR infrared technology which increases your body’s core temperature in relaxed way. This prepares you for an exceptional and body transforming workout. This studio also offers a variety of other classes including Hot Fusion Yoga, Bar Fusion, Hot Fast and Furious Fusion, kids’ yoga, and more. Visit their website to explore the diversity of classes they offer.

  1. Yoga Dojo

Yoga Dojo offers the Yoga Do Fitness Series which is an electrifying amalgamation of yoga, meditation, martial arts, plyometrics, and rehab exercises. This is why it stands out as one of the most innovative yoga studios of Surrey. It also provides convenient online programs which give the freedom to train, breath, and meditate at any time and place. The founder of the studio, Paul Nijar, had started practicing and learning martial arts from an early age. Realizing the potential of a human body, he went ahead with his passion and continuously challenged himself both mentally and physically.

  1. Healing Movements Yoga Studio

Last but not the least on the list of best yoga studios is Healing Movements Yoga Studio. This exceptional studio located in this part of British Columbia sticks to the traditions of yoga while continuing to stay updated with evolving yoga techniques. Supporting students to manage pain and suffering through increased awareness, this studio provides yoga therapy as well as three months wellness package.

Surrey Yoga Studios offer a variety of options and flexibility whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced student in this spiritual practice. We have listed some of the most beautiful yoga studios in Surrey. You can delve deep into the lessons or classes they offer so that you can make the most of their offerings and also realize your inner potential.

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