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To Anyone With Long Miles Ahead: This Running Shoe Is for You

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If the path to better involves “more,” then the Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 delivers. The third generation of the shoe that changed the game for high-mileage runners is the “more” of everything that runners love: more cushioning, more energy return, and more protection. At the end of the day, what do these upgrades translate to? More miles.

“When we first launched the Machina in 2020, we designed it to deliver maximum cushioning that also allowed propulsive toe off when you wanted to shift into a higher gear,” says Doug Smiley, director of Compete Run at Under Armour. “We’ve kept to that approach with the third generation but refreshed it.”

So how do you pack more into a shoe that’s already maximizing cushion and responsiveness? Under Armour decided to push the limit. The third iteration of this popular shoe is built with a new “decoupled,” heel and an unwrapped, dual-density HOVR midsole—all of which provide increased responsiveness. “What you get is a softer landing in the heel to set you up for your stride, and a firmer landing midfoot,” explains Smiley. “The result is smooth, but also snappier.”

From long runs to tempo efforts and time on the track, the HOVR Machina 3 has your next mile in mind. (Photo: Under Armour)

The new midsole construction plus a lighter-than-ever weight of 10.6 ounces (based on a men’s size nine) helps runners maintain an efficient stride that conserves energy as the miles wear on. “We’re after that final 10 percent to 20 percent of the long run,” says Smiley. “Think about how fresh your legs feel at the start of a run. The new Machina helps you maintain that feeling all the way until the end of the run.”

Next, Under Armour dialed durability and ground contact with an updated outsole pattern. The channeled rubber outsole is mapped to last in high-wear areas, with flex zones that promote natural foot movement. Smiley says that this feature provides a stable platform from which to push off.

On the upper, Under Armour added a breathable tongue that stretches for comfort along with a more aerodynamic heel construction. There are no overlays or seams, which translates to no rubbing or chafing as you rack up the miles.

Runners looking to hone the efficiency of their stride don’t have to rely solely on the new shoe construction. As with past versions of the Machina, the third edition connects seamlessly to MapMyRun, maintaining the real-time “coach in your shoe” effect. The high-tech connection between shoe and app captures your running metrics so you can learn how to adjust and improve your stride. The result? You’ll hit the pavement as a stronger, more efficient runner who can take on higher mileage with ease.

Before releasing any of its shoes to the public, Under Armour puts them to the test with their top athletes. “We have so many athletes to tap into,” says Smiley. “We had our Flagstaff-based Dark Sky Distance group in them, as well as our Baltimore-based UA Mission Run try them out.” Some of these runners have been wear-testing for Under Armour since the first iteration of the Machina in 2020, so not only were they able to put the new shoe through the ringer but they could also compare how the third version stacked up to the past two models.

Both teams put in hundreds of miles in the Machina 3. “They did exhaustive wear testing,” says Smiley, “and we had great feedback on the shoe’s ability to work for a wide range of workouts.”

That’s good news for any runners going the distance, especially marathoners. From
long runs to tempo efforts and time on the track, the HOVR Machina 3 has your next mile in mind. You might say it’s the Goldilocks of shoes. Says Smiley: “This is the shoe for runners who want an everyday trainer with extra cushioning that also gives you the ability to kick.”

Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a leading inventor, marketer and distributor of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear and accessories. Designed to empower human performance, Under Armour’s innovative products and experiences are engineered to make athletes better. For further information, please visit the Under Armour website.

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