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The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops Are A Must-Buy Product

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Ah, the winter season. A time of coldness, darkness—and very pale skin. If you’re like me, your skin may not have seen in the sun in, well, more than a few days. (Thank you, New York weather.) Every winter season, I go through the same frustration with my pale skin. How can I achieve that summer “glow” without harmful tanning beds or expensive beach vacations? It always seemed impossible. However, this past November, my sister (who doubles as my resident skincare adviser) told me I had to purchase the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops ($29). So I dutifully listened to her—and my winter skin has never been the same.

My experience using the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

I may sound like I’m exaggerating, but the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops changed my life. OK, maybe not my life, but at a minimum, they transformed my skin. First, they’re simple to use. Whenever you’re feeling a little pale (in the words of my sister), mix your desired number of drops into your regular nightly moisturizer. Since I have fair skin, I’m conservative in the number of drops I use. While the packaging says you can mix in up to 12 drops for a bronzed glow, I typically stick to a mere two drops. And that tiny amount makes a world of difference on my skin. My face had that natural glow that hadn’t been there in months—and it didn’t appear mismatched either. Rather, it seemed to enhance my natural skin tone. You can use the drops just on your face, neck, and décolletage, or your entire body.

(Photo: Ellen O’Brien)

So, how long does it take for the glow to set in? Isle of Paradise’s website says the glow develops within four to six hours after applying the drops. (In my experience, these drops made my skin look tanner by the following morning.) The company also says your faux glow can last for up to a week without additional reapplication. However, in my experience, the best results come after applying the drops for two consecutive nights.

If you’re interested in a nice, healthy glow during the frigid winter months, the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops are what you need. Looking for another option? Isle of Paradise also offers a tanning water and tanning mousse that gave you the same glow, just with a different application. The days of dangerous tanning beds are officially over. This version of a glow-up is safer, effective—and so much easier.

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