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Navigate Uncertain Times With Ease

September invites you to spend time in introspection and reevaluate. As the year draws nearer to the autumnal equinox and day and night draw nearer to the same length, you’re asked to create that same balance within yourself. This month is a time to organize yourself and your priorities, preferably during the early weeks in order to be prepared for what may come later. When you have a steady foundation, everything will fall into its rightful place and you will be able to navigate even tension-filled experiences with clarity and ease.

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Key Planetary Dates

September 6: The month begins with the new moon in Virgo. The moon will be in a partile trine with Uranus, which refers to the relative proximity of objects to one another. When they’re this close, complementary energies compound one another. While fastidious Virgo offers you the ability to put things in their rightful place, Uranus in Taurus invites upgrades to areas in your life that have become a little disheveled. With new moons being synonymous with new starts, it’s an ideal time to get organized.

Start by focusing on a straightforward task, such as cleaning your living space. Having a clean house brings more ease to life and improves your ability to handle potential crises when they come your way. Don’t forget to both cleanse and ground yourself amid the whispers of the changing seasons so you can align with any and all fluctuations—of nature and otherwise.

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September 10: Venus enters into the sign of Scorpio. In life, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself through how you show up to your relationships. It is no different with planetary influences. Whenever a planet enters a sign that is polar opposite to its home, as it is here, it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with what the planet truly means.

When Venus, the planet named after the goddess of love, enters into solitary Scorpio, it wants to create connection. However, having to foster relationships through the emotionally penetrating depths of introspective Scorpio is not Venus’s natural state of being. The invitation here is to really dig into power dynamics within your relationship to yourself, as well as others. Ask yourself: Am I emotionally abandoning myself in the name of keeping things with someone else comfortable and “harmonious?”

Nature teaches us what is at harmony on one level can also be at war on another level. Be willing to find comfort through uncomfortable times, which can bring depth to your relationships. Ask yourself: Where do I feel most vulnerable? What work can I do to stay open and tender?

September 15: Mars, a planet known for clashing and the sign of direct action, enters justice-seeking Libra, the sign that seeks to balance extremes. During this transit, you’re invited to really look at how things are arranged in your life and confront if they truly bring you to a state of harmony. In order to find peace, you will need to purposefully assert yourself in a way that creates balance.

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September 20: The full moon occurs in Pisces. Avail yourself of the creative energy of the moon in this imaginative sign. You may be presented with the opportunity to be consumed by your muse and tap into your imaginative source.

Neptune is conjunct with the moon, which means it, too, appears in the sign of Pisces at this time. The planet of dissolution, Neptune invites us to empty the mind of personal projections in order to be present and experience the eternal now. This dissolution also carries with it potent possibilities. The space created from things falling apart can either lead the way to an experience of samadhi (enlightenment) or it can be a container for outside and inner noise to consume our thoughts. It is your choice.

In my experience, the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces correlate with the second level of samadhi, called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. When Neptune is experienced as confusion and disillusionment, you can choose to surrender to the mystery and find acceptance in knowing that you don’t always know. Remember: You cannot grasp the truth of reality with your thoughts.

If you can allow yourself to remain present in the experience of confusion, it can be the first step to regaining clarity. During this full moon, tune out what is false and tune into what is true.

September 22: The sun moves into Libra, illuminating the lessons of the balance-loving sign. The invitation with this placement of the sun is to allow the extremes of life to teach you balance. As you enter a different season, practice more of whatever enables you to come back to what is equitable.

September 27: Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. This time of retrospection compels you to engage in introspection. Notice where you may have polarized yourself to the point of imbalance. What practices allow you to attune yourself to solutions that exist behind the chatty thinking mind? In cultivating your relationship with yourself and your inner knowing, you have the ability to shift Mercury retrograde to Mercury Rx.

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