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May 2022 Astrological Forecast: Your Inner Knowing

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May will be anything but tame thanks to several transits that will set the stage for the rest of the year. Early in the month, Jupiter will bring its ability to continually expand into the aggressive fire sign of Aries and will remain there until the end of July. This transit will compel us to take action on our intuition in situations where we know what needs to be done in order to move forward.

Mid-month, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will invite us to experience a depth of emotion, one that demands inner silence in order to access our souls’ deepest longings. The end of the month will bring Mars into Aries, where the planet of communication will receive the resourcing it needs to vocalize its truth. At the same time, Venus will share her commitment to beauty and creativity from the Earth sign of Taurus, where growth can occur. As we close out the month, the new Moon in Gemini will likely cause some eagerness that will be tempered by the Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

Key planetary dates:

May 3rd: Venus ingress Aries
Venus, the planet of relating with others, moves into the direct and single-minded fire sign of Aries. Venus and Aries are often described as experiencing conflicting significance—Venus is the planet of connection whereas Aries is a sign that is aimed at independence. An essential aspect of relationships is to be in touch with our personal instincts so that we don’t run the risk of engaging in codependent behavior. During this transit, be mindful of the importance of understanding your personal desires and knowing how to relate to yourself and create space for your own needs. If we do not establish what we want for ourselves in life and separate them from the wants of our significant other, we create situations that invite resentment. This awareness can bring clarity and choice to our connections.

May 10th: Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini
Mercury in Gemini will appear to travel backward in its orbit toward Taurus. Gemini is a mutable air sign that can bring a lot of ideas. Allow the retrogradation of Mercury to give you space to review and focus on your ideas before acting on them. During this time, place consistent efforts into journaling and note-taking. Mercury will return to Gemini in early June, and with this transit will come clarity as to how to implement what you’ve been created in your thoughts. Be patient.

May 11th: Jupiter ingress Aries
With its movement into Aries, Jupiter will become quite active and remain so throughout the rest of the year. Jupiter is known for its spiritual wisdom, which we can harness to help create space for healing as well as accessing a stronger sense of knowing what you are called toward. This is a process. Seek to remove any blocks that you are experiencing. Jupiter’s role in how the year unfolds, on a personal and collective level, will be significant and bring about many insights for those who are aware and observing.

May 15th or 16th: Lunar eclipse in Scorpio
A total lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio can bring an emotional experience that takes us to the depths of our being. Be prepared to confront deep vulnerabilities while doing the work to stay connected to your most authentic expression. When faced with feelings of vulnerability, choose to take accountability and to become conscious of any projections of past pain into the present moment. The fear of abandonment can stifle the ability to express ourselves, yet not expressing our needs is a form of self-abandonment.

The lunar eclipse will be in a square relationship with Saturn. This can bring up old stories that caused us nervous system dysregulation in the past. I highly recommend a kriya that builds the ability to feel grounded and sustained by your own efforts and not by anything external to you.

During eclipses, the Sun and Moon are not visible. Symbolically, the darkness consumes. Do not be afraid to look into the darkness. Light can always be found there.

May 20th: Sun ingress Gemini
The Sun will begin to shine its light in the vibration of the talkative air sign of Gemini. When the Sun is in Gemini, the need for curiosity, mental expansion, and the written and spoken word are always highlighted. When was the last time you learned something new or did a mind dump through a therapeutic journaling session? Because this sign is all about perspectives, it can be helpful to leave space for a variety of ways of perceiving any situation in order to upgrade how we see—and experience—life.

May 21st: Mercury cazimi in Gemini
Mercury will meet up with the Sun in an exact conjunctioninfuses Mercury with the Sun’s gifts. Mercury is already empowered in the sign of Gemini as it is allowed to express itself in a highly natural and authentic manner. Going cazimi only further strengthens Mercury. The invitation is to allow yourself to journal about, speak with, or simply listen to the warmth that exists within your heart, allowing it to show you how to orient your state of mind. Take the time on this day to synchronize your breath with your heart.

May 22nd: Mercury digresses into Taurus
Mercury retreats into the Earth sign of Taurus during its retrograde travels. This return to the influence of a sturdy and grounded sign invites us to find ways to practically apply new insights and information that we have recently received.

May 25th: Mars ingress Aries
Mars bursts into Aries following a more loquacious time in the sign of Pisces. Aries is the home sign of Mars, which means the planet has all the tools needed to get the job done. This can lead to excessive use of energy if it is not consciously directed, as Mars loves to be in a continued state of action, asserting its dynamic energy towards working endlessly. Be sure that spurts of hard, decisive effort are balanced with spells of quieting everything and being in stillness.

May 28th: Venus ingress Taurus
The planet of relationships and reconciliation will step into the substantial and sustainable sign of Taurus toward the end of the month. Venus asks us for beauty, relaxation, and connection. In the sign of Taurus, we attune to our five senses and focus on what feels good but also what feels harmonious and aligned with longevity. What is one practice you know of that promotes relaxation for you? From now until June 22nd, make a commitment to be with your practice of choice.

May 30th: Gemini new Moon
The month will come to a conclusion with a beginning—the new Moon in Gemini. Ruled by Mercury retrograde in Taurus, this new Moon invites you to hurry up while taking your time. Mercury is typically a swift planet, yet its retrograde in the steady Earth sign will invite you to focus on letting your thoughts be still despite all the things that are taking place. Take the time to bring more awareness to the simple things. Being mindful about slowing down and breathing while cooking, showering, or taking in the beauty of nature will be supportive during this lunation.

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