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March 2022 Astrology Forecast: Heavy and Hopeful

March is an eventful month with much change in the air. On the 2nd, the new Moon in Pisces brings a much-needed quality of hope and faith. The feeling of compassion is going to be present and even a sense of peace—an internal peace that is capable of being spread outward toward others—can begin to be achieved. The full Moon in Virgo on the 18th also brings a promising quality, which is the ability to be fluid in communication in order to bring the hopes from the new Moon earlier this month to full light. The last week in March, however, will be the true test to see if hope and faith are here to stay or simply a fleeting moment.

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Key planetary dates

March 2: New moon in Pisces. The new Moon is joined by Jupiter in a water sign, which brings a quality of nurturing and growth to whatever is planted at this time. Every new Moon is a moment of pause to start anew, and this seeding moment has great potential for expansive growth. Pisces is the sign that connects us to realms beyond in order to become an instrument of Source. A meditation practice during this new Moon can impart the ability to break away from the parts of our minds that often trouble us, granting more easeful access to a more macrocosmic, collective, or unconscious experience of a pleasant nature.

March 2: Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. With Mercury, the planet of mental organization, meeting up with Saturn, the planet of structure, the new Moon can potentially bring a sense of overwhelm if you do not give yourself the space to direct the mind. In order to access the divine consciously, our thoughts must be under our conscious direction prior to letting go. In Yogic philosophy, this is dharana (concentration) leading to dhyana (heightened consciousness and presence).

March 3: Mars and Venus conjunct, or meet up, with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. The Martian ability to assert and the Venusian power of being receptive meet Pluto, the planet of transmutation. In what ways have you been moving toward empowering actions that allow you to be potent in your presence, as well as caring in your expression? The infusion of the two make for a particularly life-changing combination. Put forth the effort to merge the two instead of expressing them in an exclusively mutual way.

March 5: Jupiter cazimi. Jupiter enters the heart of the Sun, where a planet’s ability to express itself is empowered and planetary renewal takes place. With Jupiter comfortable in its place of residence in Pisces, it receives all the resources needed in order to remove blockages. At this time, opening roads in the direction we are desiring to go towards is accessible. The invitation is to settle issues and find a more peaceful disposition.

March 6: Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius. Venus, the planet that brings harmony, finally catches up to Mars, the planet of war and strife in the sign of Aquarius. Unlike the meeting of these two planets days earlier, Venus now takes the lead in the situation. Creating beauty and harmony following more tense times takes grace. Find ways to reconnect with a more relaxed disposition in areas of life where you have been efforting a lot of repairs. Whether enacted consciously or unconsciously, the strife that you experience always has the aim of finding a sense of peace in the end.

March 9: Mercury ingress Pisces. The planet of communication and mental processing, Mercury enters into the oceanic expansive sign of Pisces. Mercury collects and organizes information in a manner that is like weaving threads. When in the sign of Pisces, a sign opposite to its home in Virgo, it functions quite differently than it is accustomed. Information can take on a more soup-like quality. This is helpful in order to connect our thoughts to our emotional state of being; however, it can take our mind into impractical thoughts. This is not an issue as long as you are aware when your mind goes into fantasy land, as that’s where dreams are made yet also where illusions exist.

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March 18: Full Moon in Virgo. The full Moon in Virgo brings us an invitation to be able to discern truth from falsehoods as Neptune, a planet that can bring illusion or illumination, is opposite this full Moon. Since Neptune is an outer planet, it can speak to something that is happening in the collective. Neptune can also correspond to things that are occurring on a more unconscious level. What have you been hopeful for in your life? How have you been organizing your life in order to attain what it is you are desiring? Allow the full Moon to show where the adjustments are needing to be made in order to achieve what your wishes are.

March 20: Sun ingress Aries. The spring equinox arrives! The Sun entering Aries, the initiation of the astrological new year, is an auspicious time to start something new, bringing you into accordance with the natural cycle of the zodiac. The Sun is growing in strength, and with that comes the rising fire within us to actualize our creative aims.

March 22: Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Mars and Uranus are the two most volatile planets in astrology. Whenever they come into a tense relationship, such as a square, it is a good time to focus on two things: building the nervous system capacity and keeping a watchful eye for events that may trigger parts of ourselves that have not been fully integrated. Since Mars is in Aquarius, making a strong assertion towards what makes you brilliant can collide with Uranus in Taurus, the desire to break free from putting effort into situations that don’t make you feel electrically alive.

March 27: Mercury ingress Aries. The planet of communication and commerce enters into the sign of instinct and impulsivity. This transit asks you to be mindful of the words you speak and the money you spend. Words can be spoken faster than the mind can think and money can come and go before you even know what happened.

Also, Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Venus joins Saturn in Aquarius on this day as well, which is bringing Venus closer to the end of her stay in Saturn-ruled signs. How have you been a disciple of care in your community? How can you have patience to continue to care for your community in order to create longevity?

March 31 (or April 1): New Moon in Aries. This new Moon in Aries is joined by the planet of mental thought processes, Mercury, as well as the asteroid Chiron, which represents being highly attuned. During this new Moon, you will want to be very mindful around your words and how you receive words from now until the full Moon. Being attuned means that we are sensitive to situations and circumstances. This can create a sense of being able to handle delicate situations or situations in which you feel delicate. Make a conscious choice to observe this in yourself and others throughout this lunation period.

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