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If You Work From Home, Try These 5 Online Yoga Classes

With the rise of remote workers and more people who work from home, online yoga classes are a great option for maintaining (or starting!) a home yoga practice.

Online classes are the way of the future, and are definitely here to stay, particularly for those who work from home!

Yoga offers a long list of benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – especially for people who work from home.

When remote work leaves you feeling scattered and out of balance, or leaves your body feeling tight and sore, or when you feel unable to focus or unwind after work, there are online yoga classes that can help you!


If You Work From Home, You’re Going to Love These 5 Online Yoga Classes:

Read on to find yoga for people who work from home – you’re going to love these online classes that are perfect for remote workers!

1. Undo the Desk With Ashton August

With Ashton August

36-minutes Class | All Levels

When your hips, lower back, or shoulders get too tight, it’s time to get up and take a yoga break. This online yoga class is perfect for undoing all the damage that sitting at a desk all day can cause for your body.

Listen to the little creaks and cracks you hear in your body – those noises are trying to tell you something. When pain or discomfort is present, ask yourself if you’ve been sitting for too long.

If your shoulders are tight from typing too much on a keyboard, that can be a form of burnout. You’ll want to engage in a yoga practice that helps to release tension from tight shoulders.

If you’re feeling discomfort from prolonged sitting, that can also be a form of burnout. This could be affecting your hips and lower back.

Learn to recognize the many ways burnout can appear. It can show up as muscle tightness, frustration, impatience, or exhaustion. Yoga for people who work from home is the perfect remedy!

Try the online class Undo the Desk with Ashton August to release all the aches and pains stemming from your remote work.

2. Morning Yin With Ashley Limehouse

Morning Yin

With Ashley Limehouse

32-Minute Class | All Levels

Combat stress by starting your day – or even your entire week – with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. When we approach movement as meditation, it’s a mindful way to help de-stress and reset.

When you’re feeling stressed or exhausted but still drawn to your mat, try Yin Yoga. This can be a low-impact way to start or end a week. Yin Yoga gives you a relaxing break whenever you need it – making it a great choice for remote workers!

It can help you ease into your week on a Monday morning, or it can help you unwind in the evening to tame the monkey mind. This practice is always there for you when you need nurturing. Your nervous system will thank you.

Try Morning Yin with Ashley Limehouse, which is designed to be a restorative way to begin your day.

Bonus! Feeling too exhausted to move, but still desire the benefits of yoga? Try Yoga Nidra, which means “yogic sleep.” Yogi Bryan leads this 33-minute Yoga Nidra practice to help you rest and reset. Whether you work from home or not, this is a great way to end your day.


3. Unexpected With Bentley Fazi


With Bentley Fazi

45-Minute Class | Intermediate

Does stress from your remote work have you feeling “all over the place?” The entire point of yoga is to arrive – regardless of circumstance – and learn to flow through what life throws at us.

Yoga helps us work toward freedom and the idea of contentment. Easier said than done, right? When you’re facing rapid change and finding it hard to adjust, the goal is to allow your yoga practice to anchor you through uncertainty.

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while and feel like you can guess which pose comes next during class, try something unexpected. This will prime your brain to deal with rapid change.

Emotions may come up, but you’ll see how you react on the mat. Become aware of where the discomfort rises within your body when change is thrown at you on the mat. This will help you navigate the unexpected in real life with much more ease.

Try Unexpected with Bentley Fazi. This class is a great form of yoga for people who work from home because it helps you tap into creativity and spontaneity which will in turn help you feel focused, free, and inspired.

4. Gratitude Meditation With Jess Rose

Gratitude Meditation

With Jess Rose

20-minutes Class | All Levels

If you’re having trouble knowing when work ends and home begins, try to rely on your yoga as a grounding tool. The Niyama of Santosha is always an ideal we can strive to reach. Santosha means contentment – it’s about accepting where we are.

Santosha can serve as the balm for this. When we start to feel crowded or like we’re on shaky ground, it’s easy to want to flee. That fight-or-flight response is the nervous system’s way of letting us know we’re in danger. The Niyama of Santhosha reminds us to find contentment within.

The goal is to always work toward the acceptance of Santosha, rather than the nervous system’s fight-or-flight response. Just like this is important for anyone who works in an office setting, it is just as important for people who work remotely!

When we can’t get away from work, and work happens to be stressful, we can rely on our yoga practice to help us find peace. We want to work toward responding rather than reacting. Our goal is to find Santosha and fulfill our dharma – no matter what the state of the world may be on any given day.

Try Gratitude Meditation with Jess Rose to find Santosha and inner calm on those days when your remote work is really getting to you.

5. Evening Flows With Ashton August

Evening Flows

With Ashton August

7 Classes | All Levels

For the uninitiated, working from home can be as stressful as working in an office.

Use yoga to help when you’re having trouble sleeping during a stressful week of deadlines or other stressors. Take time for yourself with an after-work yoga break to counteract this.

It will give you some separation between the “workday” and your evening routine. It’s a break for both your brain and body. And this is really where online yoga classes can become your saving grace.

Try Ashton August’s week-long program of Evening Flows.

BONUS: Calm Mind Guided Breathwork With Carissa Banuelos

Calm Mind

With Carisa Banuelos

20-Minute Class | All Levels

Some of the most powerful aspects of yoga can happen off the mat. Mindfulness cultivates deeper awareness, concentration, and Svadhyaya – or knowledge of self.

Svadhyaya is the fourth of Patanjali’s Niyamas and, translated from Sanskrit, means self-study or spiritual study. Meditation is a great way to create more self-awareness through grounding and centering.

It’s also a great way to detach from whatever may be bothering you. If remote work has you feeling disconnected, stressed, or even if you need to recharge for some fresh, creative ideas, meditation can help.

A clear mind makes for better sleep and more productivity. First, having brain breaks in your day will improve your sleep.

Second, better sleep leads to better mood and productivity. Allowing yourself to get away from screens and into meditation seems counterintuitive at first because it takes time. However, this is time well spent to clear your head and refocus, which will lead to better productivity.

Try Calm Mind​ with Carissa Banuelos, which will help you cultivate more mindfulness and increase productivity.

Yoga for People Who Work From Home Is So Important!

Yoga on and off the mat can be a source of wisdom, calm, and self-knowledge that works in service to our needs as remote workers. Yoga can serve as a grounding force by giving us routine and ritual while also bringing us back to our center.

It’s always there as a tool we can rely on to reunite the pieces of ourselves that may become lost during a busy workday and while traveling, as remote workers often do.

Yoga counteracts poor posture after hours working seated at a laptop (people who work remotely understand!). It helps us unravel the tension of the day.

The best part? All of what we need is already built into the system of yoga. It’s always been this way – we don’t change yoga, yoga changes us! In a world of change, yoga is a constant.

As you continue your journey of working remotely, know that you have a friend in yoga and an ever-present practice to turn to whenever you feel challenged.

Try these online yoga classes and more to relieve stress, unwind, release tension, and get moving when you need them most!

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