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I Made the Viral TikTok Green Goddess Salad Dip Lizzo Loved

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It’s Super Bowl week. Whether you’re hosting, heading to a friend’s house, or just in it for the halftime show, it’s a day to indulge in delicious, munch-worthy food. But, waking up on Monday morning with last night’s fries still sitting in your stomach isn’t the best feeling. If you’re looking for a healthy—yet delicious—option for your Super Bowl party, consider TikTok’s latest food trend—the green goddess salad dip.

Scroll on TikTok for a few minutes and you’ll most likely stumble across some version of a this very green-looking dip. It’s is the creation of Melissa Ben-Ishay, the founder of the Baked by Melissa. (Yes, we see the irony that the woman who launched a famous cupcake company is also a salad expert.) I spent a few days watching video after video of this salad dip, but once I saw that this seemingly simple recipe was Lizzo-approved, I had to try it out for myself. That, and my own wilted kale salad was suddenly looking a lot less appealing.


I think I know everyone in Euphorias zodiac sign except Lexi… 🧐

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Shopping for the green goddess salad dip ingredients

I’m not the best grocery shopper. (And, yes, grocery shopping is definitely a skill.) So, when shopping for this recipe’s ingredients, I made a couple of inadvertent substitutions. I skipped the nutritional yeast and subbed in basil pesto for basil leaves. Besides that, I somehow managed to acquire the rest of the ingredients.

(Photo: Ellen O’Brien)

Whipping up the salad

I’m semi-inept in the kitchen, so my cooking skills are subpar—at best. This recipe took me roughly 30 minutes to put together. However, if you’re a seasoned chef, you’ll move through it much faster. I quickly learned one of the keys to this recipe is chopping the cabbage, cucumbers, and green onions as finely as possible to create the base. If you leave larger chunks of cucumber and pieces of cabbage, the “salad dip” becomes more of a salad than a dip. So, if you’re looking for that scoop-able dip factor, make sure you’re finely chopping as much as possible.

The chopped vegetables of the green goddess salad
(Photo: Ellen O’Brien)

After I finished my chopping, I stuck the ingredients for the dressing in my blender—spinach, garlic, shallot, lemons, olive oil, rice vinegar, walnuts, chives, and salt. Substituting pesto for the basil leaves definitely made the blending easier. However, if you opt to stick to the original recipe, you can add some water to the blender (like Lizzo did) to make the process a little bit easier.

Overall thoughts on the green goddess salad

This salad dip changes the game. It’s easy and versatile. It can be a great lunch, snack, or appetizer. Personally, I choose to eat it with pita chips, but you could serve it with tortilla chips, potato chips, pretzels or whatever your snack of choice is. I’m a firm believer that all salads should be in dip form now—or at least served with a side of chips.

Another bonus: If you opt to make this salad dip for yourself (rather than a large group of people), you’ll be set with leftovers. Healthy, vegan, and satisfying? You just found your new go-to recipe.

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