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How to Sleep Better According to Your Astrological Sign

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What if you had a cheat sheet to help you navigate your quirks? Something that could afford you a glimpse into your innate traits, patterned tendencies, and self-sabotaging ways. Not only would it be exceptionally handy in terms of knowing how to handle almost any tricky situation in life, whether related to work, relationships, even tossing and turning at night.

Astrology may be that resource. Recent approaches to the ancient science take a more nuanced and prescriptive approach than the predictive horoscopes of yesteryear. Appearing at the back of newspapers and magazines, those insultingly short explanations professed to tell you, in twelve words or less, why you should dread your day or divorce your partner or maybe even try the lottery.

Instead, contemporary approaches to astrology dispense insights that can help you witness the lens through which you glimpse life. As a result, you no longer need to stumble around quite so blindly.

Simia Henry, an urban mystic, has spent years observing the various signs, marveling at their patterned behaviors, and coaxing them to self-awareness. She’s also spent a relatively exorbitant amount of time teaching them how to extricate themselves from the sometimes awkward situations they create for themselves. Here’s a look at which astrological influences she feels are at play when it comes to sleeping better.

How to Sleep Better According to Your Astrological Sign

Although your Sun sign usually holds a considerable amount of truth for you, look at your rising sign for additional insights.


Your fiery nature tricks you into maximizing your every waking hour with enviable—and sometimes alarming—efficiency. But at the end of the day, what you need most is to stop ruminating on your lists of to-dos. If you feel calmer about releasing your thoughts on paper, try journaling to help you transition from productive to introspective and settle down before sleep. Or focus instead on something you’d like to imagine yourself accomplishing. “Mentally Photoshop yourself into images of achieving an Oscar, being a rock star, winning the Indie 500, or whatever your strongest desire is,” says Henry.


Consistency and luxury tend to command your attention, as well as your attraction. Consider how you could include them in a calming nighttime ritual. Maybe you splurge on new bedding or ensure there’s artwork or flowers you can admire while leaning back on your pillows. If you’re the sort who already lounges in bed most evenings, says Henry, then you don’t need to entice yourself to slip in between the sheets. “Instead, it’s more about if you have everything you need on hand so you don’t have to get up again,” she says. In that scenario, definitely invest in smart lights. And don’t forget to keep your water, lotion, and remote within reach.


That break from blue light is especially essential for you, oh curious one. Reading the news or any random factoid late at night will incite that inquisitive nature of yours and send your thoughts racing. “Turn off almost EVERYTHING,” says Henry. “You need a distraction from your distractions.” However, there’s one exception, she says, and that’s when you find absolute silence too challenging. If that’s the case, try a noise machine.


You appreciate quiet time at night. Although do you use that silence to dwell on past situations and conversations that have you in your feels? If so, you need to learn how to curb that tendency. “You can still lose yourself in contemplation, just not of your own life,” says Henry. For starters, tuning into an audiobook or a Netflix series can rescue you from your ruminations.


The enthusiasm you bring to everything in life can sometimes lead to late-in-the-day angst as to whether you’re missing out, says Henry. If you find yourself struggling, bring your attention back to whatever you need to quiet your body, mind, and soul, says Henry. “You’re so aware of your needs that you can make that the most important thing in the world. ‘I need to sleep. Boom.’” Just that simple awareness can make a dramatic difference. But typically, you’re the least likely of any sign to experience regular sleeping issues.


That analytical nature of yours can be tricky to turn off, especially at night. Rather than fight your practical problem-solving skills, apply them to your sleep situation, says Henry. There’s no one better equipped to discern the nightly routine that makes sense for you. On rare occasions when you’re still awake into the wee hours, try not to be so hard on yourself as it’s not a personal failing.


You’re drawn to beauty, overthinking one. Rely on that to take yourself out of your headspace and into a place of rest, says Henry. “Whatever beauty means for you, whether that’s a soothing scent or a particular type of music that pleases you, find a way to incorporate it into your evening,” she says. Simply appreciate it. It will automatically beautify your head space, and sleep won’t be far behind.


That intensity of yours can easily translate into a fitful night’s sleep. To rid yourself of pent-up emotions around situations from the day, try binge-watching fictional drama rather than replaying the exaggerated drama in your head, says Henry. Sex before sleep can also help with that.


It’s hard to stop feeling like everyone is relying on you, says Henry. But taking more than your share of responsibility and not allowing others to carry their weight might be why you feel restless at night. “Delegate and let it go,” she suggests as a long-term strategy. In the short-term? “It can help to write down a list of your worries. Also, any type of meditation, prayer, or handing things over to some sort of higher power can help. Immensely.”


Similar to Sag, yet different, you tend to think you need to be the strong one, which is the reason why you like to sequester yourself. You need a vulnerable space. Anytime you’re having issues with sleep, it can usually be traced back to your need to be alone and get your vibe back. “A big thing for you is an eye mask,” says Henry. “It not only shuts out light, but it forces you to go into your own energy and resource yourself.”


Your uniqueness defines you. Chances are the entire day you’ve been holding some of that back in order to fit in. That means  easing into the night might require something…unconventional. Who cares? “Go ahead and watch a couple episodes of ‘Ancient Aliens’ and affirm that you were put here on Earth by ancestors from Venus,” says Henry. “Or listen to Halloween music if that’s your thing. Stop holding back. You need to get it out, so you can find some repose, and then can pull it together in the morning again.”


Your mystical nature sometimes confuses onlookers about your ability to distinguish dream from reality. But you understand the difference. You also know what helps you settle into that dream state, which usually involves the simplest of comforts, says Henry. Connect with cozy up with blankets or a down comforter, even if it means needing to crank the thermostat lower.

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