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Rooftop Yoga Classes Around the Country

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It’s Saturday morning. You hit your snooze button at least a couple times before easing your way out of bed and sipping your morning bevvie. As you grab your yoga mat, water bottle, and natural sunscreen, you drop a quick “On my way!” in the group chat with your besties and head out the door. It’s finally summer. And that means rooftop yoga.

As the practice of yoga evolves in response to the contemporary world, so do the places we find ourselves experiencing it. The traditional studio setting continues to hold its charms, although taking your practice to (literally) new heights with an unexpected location can bring something electrifying to the experience.

And who knows? The urban escape might inspire you to engage in a little more socializing than usual after class, fostering community and connection. Whether you’re a local or passing through town, consider the following rooftop yoga classes and seek out additional options in your city.

8 Rooftop Yoga Classes Around the Country

1. Studio Three Summer Rooftop Sessions, Austin, TX

Immerse yourself in the famous “weird” Austin vibes with Studio Three Summer Rooftop Sessions. Located on the serene patio of the fourth-floor pool deck of the Thompson Hotel, the complimentary classes offer breathtaking city skyline views along with a centering and rejuvenating yoga experience.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 7 a.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m. Through August 30.


2. Delve Rooftop Yoga at Coco Cabana, Oceanside, CA

Breathe in the ocean air during rooftop yoga at The Brick Hotel in Oceanside, California. The Sunday morning vinyasa flow is chill and playful while the Tuesday “Taco ‘Bout Twists” classes are all about challenging yourself (and indulging in the taco menu afterward at the Coco Cabana rooftop bar). Beginners as well as those “with a ‘beginner’s mind’” are welcome.

Sunday Funday Flow, 9 am, and Tuesday Taco ‘Bout Twists, 9:30 am. Through July 30

3. Sunset Yoga with Brooklyn Grange, Brooklyn, NY

Escape the concrete jungle and unwind as the Sun slips behind the Manhattan skyline at Brooklyn Navy Yard. The 1.5-acre urban farm was the brainchild of Brooklyn Grange, a New York-based green roofing business, and includes a rooftop space overlooking the East River where evening yoga classes (and the occasional wedding reception) take place. Expect both movement and meditation.
Tuesdays, 6:30 pm. Through October 10.

4. La Vita Yoga at The Durham, Durham, NC

Embrace a “health at every size” experience featuring accessible movement and inclusivity from the tip-top of a stylish, mid-century modern hotel. The open-air rooftop at The Durham affords you unencumbered views of its namesake city during rejuvenating all-level asana classes led by teachers from La Vita Yoga.

Saturdays, 9 a.m.; Sundays, 10 am. Ongoing.

5. Espadín Rooftop Wellness Events, Denver, CO

Explore what resonates with you—whether chakra meditations or sound baths, stretching or candlelight vinyasa—with the robust schedule of summer yoga classes at The Espadín LoHi in Denver. The series includes ample sunset options so you can partake without sacrificing necessary shut-eye. Yoga remains at the forefront of each class experience in support of a calmer,  healthier, and happier Denver.

Days vary. Through August 31.

6. 360 Sky Yoga, Chicago, IL

Practice 1,000 feet closer to the sun at 360 Chicago. Cleverly dubbed “America’s Highest Yoga Class,” this weekly vinyasa class gives you unbeatable 94th-floor views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago bay. It is an enclosed rooftop. But there’s a reason it’s called the “windy city.” We imagine the sprawling views still make this class worth noting (and worth the trek up to the top.)

Saturdays, 7:45 am. Ongoing.

7. Sunday Salutations, Tucson, AZ

Take in the views of Tucson’s sprawling cityscape as well as surrounding mountains with Sunday Salutations at the Graduate Hotel. Perched above the University of Arizona’s campus, the desert retreat brings you an intense vinyasa-stye class at a rooftop sanctuary. After your practice, you’re welcome to linger for a dip in the rooftop pool.
First Sunday of the month, 8:30 am. Ongoing.

8. Denver Yoga Social Sunset Skyline Yoga, Denver, CO

Groove to the beat of live DJs and take in the backdrop of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains at the Denver Yoga Social classes. The all-level vinyasa-style classes take place from the tented rooftop of the Cat Bird Hotel in the charming River North Arts District. There’s dancing afterward. Yoga, music, and community await you.
Wednesdays, 5:30 pm. Ongoing.

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7 Ways to Vary Parsvottanasana

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Pārśvottānāsana (Intense Side Stretch) has many different interpretations, from the physical expression of the posture to how people pronounce the word in their classes. For example, you’ll often hear two different English translations. One is Pyramid Pose, and the other is Intense Side Stretch. When you break down the word, you see that in the literal translation “parsva” means side, “ut” means intense, and “tan,” means to stretch. You may hear the first S in the word pronounced with a standard S sound as in sandwich, but the accent over the S suggests that it’s pronounced more like a shh sound in hush.

Many interpretations means many benefits

In the most commonly seen shape of Pārśvottānāsana, you take your hands behind your back in Pascimanamaskar (Reverse Prayer). This encourages a backbend in the upper spine. But the body folds into a forward bend at the hip joint, a position in which you may tend to round and relax your spine forward. By combining these two movements—extension in the spine and flexion in the hips—the pose demonstrates how  to maintain your commitment even when it feels like you are working against opposing forces.

Pārśvottānāsana can also be something of a heart opener.  Of course, there are times when heart-opening may not be appropriate. When your heart is broken, for example, it can be helpful to do postures that are more rounded or folded inward, which allows the pieces of your heart to be mended back together. Thankfully, there are many variations of Pārśvottānāsana that allow you to discover whatever interpretation of the pose you need at any given time.

Here are 7 variations of Pārśvottānāsana

Getting into the pose 

Stand at the top of your mat and place your hands on your hips. Step your left foot back 3-4 feet, maintaining  hip-width distance between your feet. Turn your left foot and hip forward enough that you feel stable, and your pelvis is working toward a neutral rotation, meaning your hip bones are facing the front of your mat. Now choose among the arm options and upper-body positions you see below. To come out of the pose, lift your torso upright and step your back foot up to meet your front foot. Repeat each pose on the second side.

Choosing Your Hand Position

(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Hands in reverse prayer

This reverse prayer shape can be complicated if you have any restrictions in your shoulders. This pose offers lots of options to achieve the same effect. If you are able to bring your hands into reverse prayer easily, it can be an excellent way to open up your chest and shoulders, as well as your wrists and forearms. Those areas tend to get tight from using the smart phones, computers, and other devices we all rely on.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana with an arm variation. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Hands on hips

The traditional  variation is not accessible for all bodies. Furthermore, there are many days where you may not want to work so hard. Keeping your hands on your hips allows you to focus on opening your chest without being distracted by the complexity of the work in the shoulder joint of reverse prayer.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana with an arm variation. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Interlaced hands

Similarly, interlacing your hands behind your back can be an alternative to reverse prayer. This position of the hands also allows for a lot of variability. For example, if your shoulders are more mobile, you can practice squeezing your palms together. Conversely, if your shoulders are on the tighter side or you are dealing with injury, open your hands so that the heels of your hands are further apart. Alternatively , you can hold a strap behind your back, as wide as you need to, and achieve chest-opening.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana in an upright position with a back bend. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Upright Backbend

While I’m an enormous fan of practicing a backbend while folded forward, there are also lots of benefits to staying upright in your torso. First, it is an excellent way to prepare for deeper backbends. It’s also helpful if folding is contraindicated for any reason, such as pregnancy or eye injuries. And there is something quite freeing about leaning back and going with gravity, when you normally have to fight against it in this pose. You can use any of the hand variations above when exploring being upright.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana with her hands on blocks. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Hands on blocks

Backbending isn’t the only goal of Pārśvottānāsana. It could be argued that the forward-bending element is equally important. It’s half the pose, after all. Forward bends lengthen the entire back side of your body, which include your calves, hamstrings, and spine. You can get creative with where you place your blocks, too. Placing  your blocks toward the back of the mat can help you fold more deeply.  Walk your blocks farther forward for more length. You can also position  your hands directly underneath your shoulders and keep your torso at the same height of your pelvis.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana with an arm variation. She is holding a yoga block behind her back. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Holding a block behind your back:

If you want  to gain strength in your arms while creating space in the shoulders, try squeezing a block behind your back. With your fingers  interlaced or your hands in reverse prayer, there is a temptation to rely on your flexibility, which can mean  overstretching at your joints without engaging the necessary stabilizing muscles. Because the arms are squeezing in toward one another when holding a block, it fires up the muscles of the outer arms, including your triceps and deltoids.

A woman with dark hair practices Parsvottanasana with her hands on a chair. She is wearing pastel colored yoga tights and a top. There is a window behind her that is covered with sheer curtain blinds. In the background there are plants, a large green ball, and a small wooden table.
(Photo: Sarah Ezrin)

Hands on seat of chair:

Many people prefer not to let their head fall lower than  their heart for a variety of reasons including eye injuries, unregulated blood pressure, vertigo, or migraines. Having our hands on the seat of a chair keeps your torso at the same height as your hips. It is still technically a forward fold, in that you’re bending at your hips, but when your torso is elevated, it doesn’t cause the same kind of pressure in your head. This is also simply an excellent variation to encourage length.

About Our Contributor

Sarah Ezrin is an author, world-renowned yoga educator, popular Instagram influencer, and mama based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her willingness to be unabashedly honest and vulnerable along with her innate wisdom make her writing, yoga classes, and social media great sources of healing and inner peace for many people. Sarah is changing the world, teaching self-love one person at a time. She is also the author of The Yoga of Parenting. You can follow her on Instagram at @sarahezrinyoga and TikTok at @sarahezrin.

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Finding Zen in Every Corner of Vermont

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Vermont’s forested mountains, picturesque farmlands, and easygoing vibe make for a relaxing vacation of unwinding and reconnecting with nature. Year-round outdoor recreation, a culture centered on active lifestyles, a food scene where clean farm-to-table food is the norm, not the exception: Vermont checks all the boxes. And because Vermont delivers so much variety in such a compact area, exploring the whole state is very doable—traversing the sixth smallest state from south to north takes about three hours. Whether you pack everything into one trip or plan multiple visits, here are our picks for a relaxing, recharging getaway in Vermont.

Greet the Sun

A trip to Vermont is all about maximizing your time in nature. Wake up before dawn to enjoy that sacred time when the world is quiet and set your intentions for the day. Tranquil mornings on the mat are always great, but you can also take sun salutations to the next level on a sunrise hike.


(Photos: Gretchen Powers and Vermont Tourism)

Explore the Northeast Kingdom

Vermont is one of the most forested states in the country. For the best sunrise views, get above the trees at a lookout point. In the Northeast Kingdom, the fire lookout at the summit of Bald Mountain offers elevated views of the sprawling forest and lakes below. The 4.2-mile trail begins at the Long Pond Trailhead near the Insta-famous Lake Willoughby, known for its stunning fall colors, and climbs to the summit. Not sure if you want to crank out the hike before the sun is up? The historic cabin on the summit was restored in 2013 by volunteers who hiked building supplies up to the site and is open to overnight campers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hike in Northwestern Vermont

In northwestern Vermont, hike the Puffer Cabin Loop to the Puffer Shelter for some of the best views in the region. The 6.9-mile loop starts at the base of the Bolton Valley Resort—the highest base lodge in the state, at 2,100 feet. From the summit of Bolton Mountain, at about 3,650 feet, enjoy expansive views of the surrounding forests. Hikers can stay overnight at the rustic lean-to shelter, which sleeps six (first-come, first-served). The Long Trail, Vermont’s classic thru-hike, connects to the Puffer Cabin Loop, so the shelter may be busy in summer.

Tip: Fall can be a busy time, when hikers congregate on trails with the best fall colors. Hiking at sunrise is a surefire way to beat the crowds, but you can also check out these local recommendations for alternative fall hikes that are just as spectacular.

Foster Your Creativity

Art truly has the power to ground and inspire us. Vermont is home to a robust art and craft scene, so whether you enjoy making art or appreciate the feeling you get from surrounding yourself with it, Vermont will feed your creative side.

Explore Outdoor Art

Vermonters take their outdoor time seriously. So it’s no surprise that the state is filled with public outdoor art exhibits in an eclectic mix of styles. At the 14-acre Path of Life Garden in southern Vermont, sculptures and botanical art—including a hedge maze—invite visitors to reflect on the human life cycle. The garden has been an evolving installation since 1997 and is still designed and maintained by the original artist, Terry McDonnell, and his family. While visitors can arrive at the garden by car, kayaks and rafts are the preferred means of transportation in the summer months. Rent a watercraft and take a shuttle about five miles upstream to float the Connecticut River until you reach the garden, which is right on the riverbank. 

Tip: Road-trip Vermont’s Scenic Byways and stop at sculpture gardens and murals that capture your attention.

Vermont: where the outdoors and art intersect. (Photo: Vermont Tourism)

Take a Class

For a more hands-on experience, visit any of the three Vermont State Craft Education Centers. The Fletcher Farm School, in southern Vermont, and the Shelburne Craft School, just south of Burlington, both offer one- and two-day workshops that fit a dose of creativity into your vacation. Try your hand at artisan crafts like clay, glass, and metalwork, as well as fiber arts, jewelry making, basketry, quilting, or woodworking.

Clear Your Mind

The Vermont countryside is the ultimate setting for quieting your mind at a retreat. From wellness weeks full of yoga, good food, and time in nature to spiritual programs with a focus on meditation, there are plenty of opportunities to disconnect and recenter yourself in Vermont. 

Farm Stays

Head to an idyllic farm for a week or weekend of relaxation. The Empty Center, in southern Vermont, hosts a variety of retreats to help you get back to nature and yourself. Each weekend is unique and includes seasonal activities, such as fall foliage hikes and experimenting with natural dyes, along with farm-to-table meals, reflective conversation, meditation, and yoga—all set on a pristine 180-acre homestead in the Green Mountains.

Traditional Buddhist Meditation

For a meditation experience informed by Buddhist teachings, head to the Trijang Buddhist Institute, in central Vermont. The 365-acre meditation center in the Green Mountains offers workshops to guide visitors in Tibetan Buddhist practices under the direction of beloved guru Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche.

Tip: If you’re looking for retreat vibes without attending a formal retreat, check out the luxury offerings at Twin Farms, in central Vermont. The 300-acre refuge helps guests create their own retreat experience with a mix of on- and off-site adventures, spa and wellness services, fine dining, and high-end accommodations.

Spend Time on the Mat

Of course, when it comes to recentering yourself, time on the mat might be exactly what you need. And vacation is a perfect opportunity to spice up your yoga practice. In warmer months, Vermonters are all about taking their favorite activities, including yoga, outdoors. Check out these unique yoga practices in Vermont.

people paddle boarding in vermont
In the heat of summer, Vermonters punctuate their outdoor adventures with refreshing dips in local swimming holes. (Photo: Vermont Tourism)

SUP and Yoga

In the heat of summer, Vermonters punctuate their outdoor adventures with refreshing dips in local swimming holes and time on the water at more than 800 lakes and ponds across the state. SUP yoga makes that tradition easy. Get out on the water with a rental from PaddleSurf Champlain, in Burlington, Vermont, for downward dogs on a paddleboard. Tours and lessons are offered throughout summer, so you can get comfortable on a paddleboard with guidance from a professional.

Yoga Under the Trees

Unroll your mat high in the treetops on the elevated Forest Canopy Walk at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Fifty feet off the ground, the walkway provides a unique view of the raptors and other birds that nest in the tree canopy. The institute holds classes as special events during warm months into fall, but the canopy walk, which is open to visitors daily, is especially beautiful when the leaves change.

Vermont’s ever-changing landscape draws outdoor enthusiasts year-round to a place where diverse natural beauty creates the space to slow down, look around, and simply take notice. Vermont can inspire, restore, and bring you to a whole new state. Sign up to receive the latest news from the Green Mountains.

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17 Plank Pose Variations You Can Play With to Build Strength and Stability

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Chances are you’ve practiced Plank Pose literally hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Regardless of any strong feelings you might have about the pose, you know how Plank should look and feel: shoulders stacked over wrists with a strong, straight line from head to heels and engagement of you entire front body.

But playing with the way you practice the foundational pose—while still following safe alignment—can help you build strength and balance in unexpected ways. The following variations can help you engage underutilized muscles along your back body and build more stability as well as change things up.

17 Plank Pose Variations

(Photo: Rachel Land)

1. Plank Pose With Your Knees Down

This variation reduces the weight supported by your upper body. Although it’s often offered for students new to Plank, more experienced students can use it to buy time in the pose and build endurance, refine alignment, or experiment with some new-to-you variations, including some that follow.

How to: Simply bring your knees to the floor. You can point or tuck your toes, depending on which option feels more comfortable.

Woman practicing Forearm Plank on a yoga mat
(Photo: Rachel Land)

2. Forearm Plank Pose

This version of Plank builds upper body strength without placing load on the wrists, which can require time to adjust to a weight-bearing position that’s common in vinyasa classes but rare in daily life. Forearm Plank achieves this by decreasing the incline between your shoulders and heels, effectively shifting your weight away from your lower body toward your upper. That change transfers some of the load from larger leg muscles, which are already accustomed to carrying your weight, toward smaller chest and shoulder muscles, which are less adapted to doing so.

How to: Bring your forearms to the mat. Bring your forearms to the mat, stacking your elbows under your shoulders. You can bring your hands together in prayer position or keep your forearms parallel, depending on which option feels stronger to you.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with hands on blocks
(Photo: Rachel Land)

3. Plank Pose With Hands on Blocks (Incline Plank)

Another option that has a similar effect to lowering your knees is placing your hands on support. The higher your hands, the less the load on your upper body. This variation can make straight-leg variations—such as single leg lifts, opposite arm and leg lifts, and heel flips—more approachable.

How to: Place your hands on sturdy blocks or the seat of a chair.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with feet on blocks
(Photo: Rachel Land)

4. Plank Pose With Feet on Blocks (Decline Plank)

You can offer a similar challenge to Forearm Plank by setting your feet onto a support, allowing you to build upper body strength in a straight arm position.  The higher your feet, the greater the demand on your upper body.

How to: Place your feet on sturdy blocks or the seat of a chair.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with hands in front of her shoulders on the yoga mat
(Photo: Rachel Land)

5. Plank Pose With Hands in Front of Your Shoulders

This version shifts your hands further away from the load (your body weight), which increases the demands on all the muscles that support you in Plank, including your arms, shoulders, chest, abdominals, and quads. The further forward you walk your hands away from your shoulders, the more difficult the pose becomes.

How to: Walk your hands slightly forward of your shoulders.

Woman practicing yoga with feet planted against wall
(Photo: Rachel Land)

6. Plank Pose With Feet at the Wall

No support beneath your feet means you need to brace yourself against the downward pull of gravity by recruiting the shoulder, chest, abdominal, and thigh muscles.

How to: Set up in Plank with the soles of your feet against the base of a wall. Inch your hands slightly forward of your shoulders to brace you in place, then lift one foot at a time and press strongly into the wall at about your shoulder height.

Woman practicing yoga with her toes pointed
(Photo: Rachel Land)

7. Plank Pose with Pointed Toes

This variation of Plank shifts the emphasis from your quads to the front and outer lower legs, which contain muscles that are unaccustomed to being stressed in Plank.

How to: Place the tops of your feet on the mat rather than tucking your toes. Ground evenly through the tops of all your toes, and magnetize your inner ankles toward each other rather than letting them splay out wide.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with her hands wider than her shoulders
(Photo: Rachel Land)

8. Plank Pose With Wide Arms

Taking your hands wider than your shoulders forces your chest—including your pecs and shoulder adductors—to work harder than usual. This is especially noticeable if you walk your hands wider than the grippy surface of your mat, as you’ll need to squeeze your hands toward each other to stop them sliding further apart.

How to: Turn your hands out slightly and walk them wider than your shoulders. The wider your hands, the greater the challenge.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with one arm tapping opposite shoulder
(Photo: Rachel Land)

9. Plank Pose With Shoulder Taps

This variation is a great starting point for balancing Plank variations as it keeps the lifted limb close to the center of the body. Maintaining stable body position while removing a point of contact with the floor adds a balance element to your Plank.

How to: Keep your torso steady and square to the mat as tap one hand to your opposite shoulder. Move as smoothly as you can back to your starting position to repeat on the other side.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with one arm lifted off the yoga mat
(Photo: Rachel Land)

10. Plank Pose with Arm Lifts

This variation also builds upper body stability while engaging commonly underutilized posterior shoulder and back muscles.

How to: Keep your torso steady and square to the mat as you reach one arm alongside your ear. Keep your gaze down at the mat.

Woman practicing Plank Pose with one leg lifted off the yoga mat
(Photo: Rachel Land)

11. Plank Pose With Leg Lifts

Straight- or bent-leg lifts during Plank shift the emphasis to increasing hip stability and working the commonly underutilized muscles on the back of your lower body, including your hamstrings and glutes.

How to: Keep your hips steady and square to the mat as you lift one leg. Either keep the leg strong and straight, or bend your knee to press the ball of your foot toward the ceiling. Repeat on the other side.

Woman in Plank Pose on a yoga mat with opposite leg and arm extended straight
(Photo: Rachel Land)

12. Plank Pose with Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts

After you’ve acclimated to single leg lifts, challenge you balance even more by lifting your opposite arm.

How to: Keep your chest and hips still and square to the mat as you slowly lift one leg and your opposite hand. Draw in around your midsection as you reach in opposite directions through hand and foot.

Woman practicing crunches in Plank Pose on a yoga mat
(Photo: Rachel Land)

13. Plank Pose With Crunch

Adding a crunch to your Plank also works hip stability by reducing your contact with the mat but targets the opposite side of the body as leg lifts, boosting abdominal and hip flexor strength.

How to: For a straight plank crunch, keep your torso fairly square to the mat as you float one foot, bend that knee, and squeeze it toward the same-side shoulder, scooping your belly to round your back. Repeat on the other side.

For a cross-body crunch, float one foot, bend that knee, and draw it across your body toward the opposite elbow or shoulder. This time allow your pelvis to turn toward your target shoulder and squeeze your oblique abdominals. Repeat on the other side.

woman practicing plank pose on a yoga mat with legs wide.
(Photo: Rachel Land)

14. Plank Pose Walks

Like leg lifts, Plank Walks build lower body stability with the added challenge of movement. This trains you in balanced use of the muscles on your inner thighs and outer hips, which is preparation for balancing poses and transitions between standing poses.

How to: Maintain a level pelvis while walking one foot out wide, then the other one. Then one at a time, back to hip-width.

Woman practicing Plank Pose on a yoga mat with her heels leaning to one side
(Photo: Rachel Land)

15. Plank Pose With Heel Flips

Then repeat on the other side. This hybrid of Plank and Vasisthasana (Side Plank) offers some of the benefits of each—it provides work for your side body and outer hips and offers a transition option if you’re heading from Plank to Side Plank.

How to: Maintain a level pelvis while rolling your toes to point toward one long side of the mat and coming onto the edges of your feet.

Woman practicing Plank Pose on a yoga mat in a variation with her knees bent
(Photo: Rachel Land)

16. Bear Plank

This variation brings in some of the actions of Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose), switching up the way that both the upper body and lower body muscles work. It targets arm strength in the overhead position rather than in front of your chest, and builds leg strength with bent knees instead of straight legs.

How to: Bend your knees and hover your shins just above the may, arms straight and alongside your ears and hips high.

Woman practicing Plank Pose on a yoga mat with blocks beneath her shoulders

17. Plank With Blocks Beneath Your Shoulders

It’s harder than it looks! This variation forces you to rely more on your abdominals, hip flexors, and quads and less on your chest and shoulders. It’s especially helpful for those training for Handstand, as you need to scoop your front body away from the mat.

How to: Instead of bearing weight on your hands in Plank, rest your shoulders on blocks.

About Our Contributor

Rachel Land is a Yoga Medicine instructor offering group and one-on-one yoga sessions in Queenstown New Zealand, as well as on-demand at Passionate about the real-world application of her studies in anatomy and alignment, Rachel uses yoga to help her students create strength, stability, and clarity of mind. Rachel also co-hosts the new Yoga Medicine Podcast.

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What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

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Beneath the full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3 and 4, 2023, we are reminded that the journey to find our truth is where the magic happens. Sagittarius does not guarantee a happy life full of rainbows and unicorns. It guarantees that when you are willing, you can find the higher meaning of any life experience.

This full Moon shows us that Sagittarius is ultimately about truth. It teaches us that as we begin to appreciate the wisdom gained from some of the harder roads we’ve walked, it becomes easier to choose new ones. Instead of fearing what could happen, we understand that anything could happen at any time and we will always make the most of it.

What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

Sagittarius carries the energy of the wanderer, teacher, and philosopher. It is also the muse and the truth seeker. Depicted as the half-man, half-horse with a bow and arrow in hand, this sign is many things. It teaches us that we are many things, too. When we remain curious about the many facets of ourselves, we continually expand our consciousness.

As you journey through this full Moon in Sagittarius, think of yourself as the arrow. As the arrow flies through the air from the hands of the archer, it experiences many currents of reality. These flashes of insight and larger-picture views are more important than where the arrow lands. Gather what you need to know without concern about where you will land. Let yourself take twists and turns as needed to experience the change coming toward you. Be open to experiencing your reality from a different perceptive and keep searching for the bigger picture.

Under the influence of this fire sign, we feel a need for adventure. The powerful full Moon in Sagittarius teaches us to honor the quests of our life. Some of these quests may be actual adventures that carry us to far-off places, like climbing Machu Picchu or sailing around the world. Others may be adventures that keep us closer to home, like having a child or starting a company. Some of the greatest adventures can take place in our minds as we break through old patterns.

While these quests vary greatly in the details, they all take us someplace new, deliver us undeniable truths, and ask us to confront our greatest fears. As you work with the full Moon in Sagittarius, feel what great quest you are currently on or what is calling you toward it. Sagittarius teaches us to take leaps of faith that help us overcome our fears and assume the best will happen.

Sagittarius is known for its positive vibrations but sees the world as neither positive nor negative. What happens just is, and it’s always meant to be. Sagittarius helps us find the silver linings in the most challenging circumstances. It teaches us that life is full of many lessons, and as long as you are learning, you are living.

On any adventure, there will be twists and turns. Whether you are climbing a mountain, raising a child, or sitting in silence for tens of days on a meditation retreat, there will be challenges. There will also be moments of insight, gratitude, and hope. There will be dark nights when you feel alone and cold. There will be bright mornings when you exude gratitude for every breath.

Adventures of any kind are not supposed to be easy and carefree all of the time. If they were, they would fail to deliver the lessons we need. While we can learn pivotal insights from a path of ease, it’s often the more tumultuous ones that deliver the greatest wisdom.

Full Moon in Sagittarius with the Sun in Gemini

On the full Moon in Sagittarius, we are also working with the energy of Gemini, where the Sun is currently located. As the Moon and Sun oppose each other, they reveal the full spectrum of vibrations governed by the Gemini and Sagittarius axis.

We all hold the energies of Sagittarius and Gemini within our bodies. Even if these are not strong placements in our natal chart, we carry the energy of all twelve zodiac signs and can align with the higher or lower frequencies of each one at different times.

Sagittarius and Gemini are two sides of the same coin. Gemini focuses on the details, Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. Gemini communicates to learn, Sagittarius communicates to teach. Gemini searches for duality to understand the world, Sagittarius seeks ultimate truths that provide a higher unification of all energies.

These two signs, in many ways, help us integrate our left, logical brain with our right, creative side. Their integration helps us remain curious, ask questions, and look for answers while knowing that we are really searching for a higher understanding. We also understand how to take these higher philosophies and apply them to daily tasks. Blending the higher vibrations of Sagittarius and Gemini helps us find the magic in the mundane.

Both of these energies are needed at different times to help us learn, evolve, and open our perspectives. The full Moon in Sagittarius is an opportunity to recognize how we integrate these energies and where we may be holding onto lower vibrations. Once we are aware of these attachments, we can release them. When we can learn how to integrate their higher vibrations, we see the details and are able to connect them to understand the greater meaning of any experience.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. These find two opposing sides of every situation. Gemini’s energy moves quickly to help us scan any experience and find the details within it. This fast-paced nature also allows us to find dualities present. By looking at the extreme sides of any energy, we can gain a greater understanding of the larger picture.

When we align with the opportunities Gemini presents, we become fascinated by the world around us, desiring to know everything we can about its mysteries. We become the observer, which in turn makes us less reactive to our emotions. Gemini’s high side allows us to detach from our emotions while remaining present with them. This nonreactive state allows us to continue learning without closing our minds due to fear, misunderstanding, or anxiety. When we are open to different forms of communication, we open ourselves to receiving signs from the world around us.

Gemini’s low, or shadow, side includes judgment, closed-mindedness, and feeling ungrounded. When we align with this side, our nervous energy takes over, and we become fearful of the world around us. The mind races from one thought to another, with nothing to center it. We react to our emotions either with anxiety or by numbing ourselves so we feel nothing at all. In this state, we cannot correctly process our feelings, and they wreak havoc behind the scenes. To control the anxiety, we inundate ourselves and the people around us with questions while we look for answers. We ignore intuition and insist that logic is the only way. We may even develop tunnel vision, focusing on only certain aspects of a situation and forgetting the bigger picture.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower frequencies of Gemini on this full Moon, or at any time, ground yourself through your breath and body. Do some yoga to connect with your physical body, getting yourself out of your head. Try to feel your emotions, even if they scare you. Rely on the communication Gemini offers to journal, talk to a friend, or even just listen as someone talks to you. Feel your intuition guiding you and trust that all the answers you need in this moment will easily come to you. You do not need to worry about the future or try to control it. You just need to be open to communicating with yourself and the world around you in the moment.

Sagittarius, much like Gemini, also inspires us to gain information. When we align with this higher vibration, we seek expansion. We search the world for new insights and perspectives. We absorb information and seek to integrate it with what we already know. We also trust that everything will work out how it’s meant, even in the face of adversity. Sagittarius allows us to see life as a perpetual journey of unraveling truths. There are always new truths to learn and new perspectives to incorporate into our own understanding.

Sagittarius shows us the infinite potential of our consciousness and encourages us to expand it with every opportunity. In this frequency, we become open to receiving new truths and taking leaps of faith. We trust the journey of life and know that even if we stumble, we are still learning. Life becomes an evolving experience where there are no failures, no wrong turns, and no mistakes. There are just new realities to encounter that will expand our consciousness to new levels.

Sagittarius, in its shadow side, loses faith. When we align with this vibration, we lose trust in ourselves, our paths, and even the Universe. We question the meaning of our existence and allow ourselves to fall into a downward spiral of questions that even the greatest philosophers cannot answer.

In its lowest state, Sagittarius causes us to experience an existential crisis, preventing us from moving forward in life. We become stuck in an infinite loop of contemplation and fail to launch into something new and question the point of everything. We question the meaning of our lives and the meaning of everything that has happened to us. We expect disappointment and take a pessimistic view of our journey. Fear-based decisions control us, and we may even start assuming worst-case scenarios, focusing on the negative. Life begins to feel pointless.

If you find yourself in this frequency of Sagittarius, take even the smallest step forward into something new. Even if you cannot take a huge leap, find some way to bring newness into your life. Make a breakthrough by taking a chance in any direction. Remind yourself of the higher meaning of your life and focus on the positive of a past event, even if it’s challenging to find. Take a broad look at your life and see the whole point of it all.

As you recognize some of these energies within yourself, know that it’s ok to hold lower energies in your field. We all do at certain times. Becoming aware of them changes everything and opens the doorway for a higher vibration. The Full Moon can teach you how to take great leaps of faith as you overcome fear and find higher meaning. It can then help you take these higher lessons and apply them to all of life. We can’t all sit on a mountaintop contemplating life forever. The real journey begins when you are able to take what you’ve learned on your great quests and apply it to the smaller moments of life. This Full Moon can help you understand how to find grand insights and use them when you’re sitting in traffic, changing a diaper, or gaining the courage to speak up in a meeting. Whatever adventure is calling you, now is the time to embrace it.

Other Astrological Aspects Influencing the Full Moon

Each full Moon brings us unique energy and even differing themes compared to Moons before. Other planets form aspects with the full Moon, shifting the vibrations we feel from the event and making this full Moon in Sagittarius feel different from last year’s.

During the current full Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon trines Mars in Leo, adding more fire to the day. Trines occur when cosmic bodies are 120 degrees apart. They are beneficial aspects and allow the vibrations of each planet to harmonize with the other planet’s vibrations.

Mars is the planet of passion. It encourages us to find what we love most in the world and pursue it with courage. This planet also teaches us when to fight for what we love and stand our ground like a confident warrior. Leo helps us face our vulnerabilities and even embrace them as strengths.

When Mars lands in Leo, we are given extra courage to follow our hearts. This transit helps us take an extra leap into a new adventure aligned with who we really are. Let yourself express and pursue your passions. Allow others to see what you love.

It’s also important to remember the art of non-attachment. Mars in Leo is intense and can cause us to hold onto things that are best released. It’s a great time to look at why you might be attached to certain things and if this attachment is rooted in your ego or identity. If you find yourself fighting to hold on during this transit, ask yourself why.

Mars in Leo brings enthusiasm. You may feel ready to conquer a new mission or excited about a new path or overcome any fear. Feel your inner warrior and know that you are ready to overcome any obstacles on your path. Lead yourself forward with passion and heart into new territory full of unknown possibilities.

There are a few other aspects to work with that don’t involve the Moon or Sun but still affect the energy of the day. Venus lands in Cancer as it opposes Pluto in Aquarius. Venus is the planet of love and brings us in touch with our hearts. In Cancer, Venus reminds us to take care of our hearts, nourish them, and allow them to lead. Pluto is the ruler of transformation. In Aquarius, it brings its transformation to the collective. Pluto in Aquarius helps us heal and understand what we bring to society this lifetime.

As Venus and Pluto oppose each other this full Moon, they illuminate issues around the heart. It’s a time to feel any wounds in this area and ask if they are holding you back from taking a step forward. This Moon holds the opportunity to find silver linings and higher meaning in your heartache. First, though, you must become aware of what lessons you’ve learned from your heartache and how those lessons have helped you find some truth about yourself.

We have another aspect to work with this full Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Taurus sextiles, or lands 60 degrees away from, Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Its energy largely affects the full Moon. Jupiter in Taurus asks us to slow down and feel our expansion. It asks us to witness ourselves unfolding instead of unconsciously moving through life. Jupiter in Taurus brings the opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and feel your ability to create abundance.

As Jupiter sextiles Saturn, we are asked to look at our commitments. Ask yourself what adventures you are ready to commit to and if those adventures will expand you. Feel your potential calling you even if you need to slow down to hear it. Align with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus to feel your resilience and know that you are always supported by the Universe and yourself. You are your own safety net, so take the leap that is in front of you, remembering that you are always held and nurtured.

Just as we all have a Sun and a Moon sign, we also have a Jupiter sign, the place Jupiter was positioned when we were born. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. On the full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter is also activated and plays a role in how you will experience this full Moon. In your natal chart, Jupiter shows where you have room for expansion. It also shows how you interact with abundance, leaps of faith, and luck. It can show the place of your full potential and where you may be selling yourself short. This is amplified on the full Moon in Sagittarius.

Your Invitation

The full Moon in Sagittarius is a powerful time to face and transform fears. Fear has a way of living in our bodies. While it is often at the forefront of our minds, it also can subconsciously change our perceptions and behavior. We can hold fear in different areas of the physical, energetic, and emotional body. Fear, though, always has something to teach us. It can bring us wisdom and help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. It can shed light on blocks and obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our dreams.

Fear may always come to pay us a visit, but we do not have to let it change our course of action or deter our plans in any way. We simply need to listen to it, acknowledge it, and move it out of our bodies. Through facing our fears, we begin to control them and life’s course.

As you work with this full Moon in Sagittarius, remind yourself that it is a journey of truth. Ask yourself what adventures are calling you and remain open to the truths they deliver. Then decide if you are ready for those truths right now. If the answer is yes, confront your fears, take a leap, and know that you will make the best-case scenario unfold. Release anything blocking you and step forward into a new adventure.

Learn more about the full Moon in Sagittarius, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Sagittarius Full Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About Our Contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast, May 28-June 3: Finding Closure

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As we step through the gates of June and into the new week, we are met with an illuminating Sagittarius full Moon on June 3 or 4, 2023, depending on your location. The themes of wisdom, truth, conclusions, and closure are certain to present themselves.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Each sign of the zodiac represents a different expression of what it means to be alive. As we explore each of these archetypes, we simultaneously explore new corners of ourselves, discovering new depths and surrendering to the cosmos that exists within.

As we deepen into the invitations presented by each astrological transit, we deepen into our individual human experience. Life is vast, multi-faceted, contradictory, complex, wide, varied, and unfathomable in scope. Within us exists every frequency. Within us awaits every sound. Every emotion. Every color. Sagittarius invites us to explore—and be with—all of ourselves.

Sagittarius reminds us that as we traverse the lands that surround us, we simultaneously explore the worlds within us. As we immerse ourselves in different cultures, philosophies, beliefs, knowledge, or wisdom, we are meeting the different expressions of who we are.

The Moon has been dancing the same dance, cyclic in nature, for as long as humanity has recorded her. Beginning at a new Moon and birthing from silence, darkness, and nothingness, she then builds and builds and builds until she culminates in a full Moon. At the peak of her journey, she reaches a place of fullness and finality and completion, only to then begin releasing all that she has become so that she may find once again the nothingness from which she came in preparation for a rebirth.

A full Moon, then, is a culmination of what began under a new Moon. In November 2022, a new Moon in Sagittarius beckoned us forward into creation, initiating a new exploration, beginning a new journey, seeking truth and wisdom, and willing adventure into reality. As we sit in the center of the year and meet this week’s full Moon in Sagittarius, this cycle we have been exploring comes to a close.

Full Moons illuminate. Full Moons reveal. Full Moons finalize. Full Moons release. Under this Sagittarius full Moon, we are invited to step back and allow the light of the Moon to reveal what was previously hidden from our sight. To see what truth or perspective shift has been waiting to reveal itself, acting as a final piece of the puzzle. As you have been traversing life, what have you learned? What truths have you been witnessing? And what story does it tell?

Your Invitation

As the Sun in Gemini sits opposite the full Moon in our cosmos, you are invited to tend to both ends of the spectrum that the Gemini and Sagittarius axis represents—learning and gathering information, and wisdom and higher truth.

With the Sun appearing through the lens of Gemini, you are invited to bring together all of the elements you have been gathering and to step back and see the fullness of what you have been creating, step by step, piece by piece. It can be difficult to understand the puzzle by looking at each piece individually. Instead, can you back away and let it reveal the complete picture?

Let your truth-gathering, exploring, adventuring, human-life-journeying reveal its wisdom to you. Let the picture come together. And allow this picture to reveal the vast beauty, philosophies, and cosmologies that exist within you, too. Let it teach you something about who you are and what your role is in this vast world.

As the full Moon draws the week to a close, we finalize a chapter with the knowing that each ending is a new beginning. There is much ahead. There is much awaiting our exploration. There is much waiting to be discovered and reveled in, within and without.

Learn more about the influence of astrology in your life, including astrological events the Moon cycles, your Sun and Moon and rising signs, how journaling can help you connect with the current influences, and more with Jordane Maree at Girl and her Moon.

About Our Contributor

Jordane Maree is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community exploring Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is a writer, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She is inspired, every single day, to be the mirror for you to see all that you truly are, you in all your infinite abilities, in total expansion, in infinite opportunity and love. 

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Take A Yoga Retreat That Scares the Heck Out of You

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If you think of yoga retreats as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life, you’re not alone. They can be a chance to unwind and let go of our worries. While there is certainly value in taking time to relax and recharge, a retreat can also be an opportunity to shake yourself up a bit. When you push yourself beyond your perceived limitations and face your fears head on, you may come away from the experience feeling exhilarated and energized. In fact, some of your most profound personal growth can emerge from doing things that unnerve you.

Why is that? The answer lies in our brain chemistry. When we confront a fear or challenge, our brain releases a surge of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. These are often referred to as “feel good” hormones. Although we may not think of fear as a pleasant feeling, this rush of chemicals invigorates us, and makes us feel alert and ready to take on the world.

The benefits of facing something that frightens us go far beyond the immediate rush of adrenaline. R. Y. Langham, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Impulse Therapy, stresses the “importance of stepping out of our comfort zones to foster personal growth and development.” According to recent research, individuals who regularly engaged in “disruptive” activities,” such as trying new foods or traveling to unfamiliar places, reported greater personal growth and a stronger sense of identity than those who stuck to familiar activities.

Attending a yoga retreat may be an act embracing the unknown and engaging in new practices, but adding an extra element of challenge can be another way to push your boundaries.

“Often retreats are a good starting point to push past deeply embedded limits while also being supported by others who are on similar healing journeys,” says psychologist and health/lifestyle coach Laura Chandler. “The more you practice stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging in the social behaviors you might typically avoid, the easier it gets.”

It’s Okay to Ask For Support

While pushing your limits can be rewarding, knowing where to draw the line is an important part of travel. For example, if you get very seasick, a week-long sailing or kayaking trip may not be for you. It’s fine to take small steps to “build up your bravery;” advance as you become more comfortable.

A solo retreat in a far-away destination after a breakup may feel empowering or it may send you deeper into grief. Know yourself and plan something that won’t feel too overwhelming. If you suspect an activity will be emotionally challenging for you, make sure you have the support you need. You may want to consider scheduling time with your therapist before your retreat to gather some coping tools. Or travel with someone you trust to share the experience with.

When you’re stepping into discomfort, there will be challenges along the way—that’s the point of stretching yourself this way. But set yourself up for success, so you can emerge from your retreat feeling exhilarated.

Here are some ideas for reaching outside of your usual self-ascribed boundaries.


Go Far From Home

Venturing far from home exposes you to novel environments and cultures, enhancing cognitive flexibility and creativity, says Langham. Visiting a place that’s geographically or culturally distant from your regular environment can broaden your horizons in ways that are not only eye-opening but also life-changing. A trip to the southern hemisphere, such as Patagonia or New Zealand, might bring you closer to nature and give you a new perspective.

Build Up Your Bravery: Visit a neighborhood or a nearby town you’ve never been to.

(Photo: courtesy of Pure Pods, New Zealand)

Go Alone

Studies have shown that time spent alone leads to increased self-awareness and self-discovery. So if you’re someone who always travels as half of a couple or part of a group, book a solo retreat. 

“One of the first barriers in going on this self-explorative journey is the fear of doing it alone,” says Chandler. Going solo doesn’t mean you have to be completely isolated. Choose a location that allows you to do activities on your own or with others. At Alila Ventana in Big Sur, California, you can practice morning yoga, then take a solo hike around the property. You can also sign up for a gratitude sound journey, astrology reading, or cosmic yoga where you can explore the stars while you connect with your own body and mind.

Build Up Your Bravery: If it feels like too much to take an entire trip on your own, start small. Consider making reservations for one at your favorite local restaurant.

Go Where You Don’t Speak the Language

Studying yoga’s roots in India can be incredibly enriching, perhaps especially so if you’re also learning one of the country’s many languages. “Immersing yourself in a foreign language can improve your cognitive functions, such as memory and problem-solving skills,” states Langham. Plus, it’s a way to connect with people from different backgrounds. You don’t necessarily need to visit India to find a yoga retreat in another language; consider a trip to Greece or Thailand to connect to your yoga practice while immersing yourself in a different culture.

Build Up Your Bravery: If you’re not ready to jet-set off, consider taking a language class or downloading an app to learn the language of a country you intend to visit.

Swim With Sharks

Confronting your fears can help build resilience and self-efficacy. If you’re nervous in the water–or afraid of what’s in the water—try swimming with reef sharks and docile manta rays at Joali Being the Maldives. If you are afraid of insects, practice beekeeping at Carmel Valley Ranch, CA or book a bee venom facial at La Valise Tulum, which begins with a sound bowl healing and meditation. Feeling a bit uneasy in the dark? Consider exploring a dark retreat experience, which is said to offer an opportunity for enhanced clarity and deeper introspection. By immersing yourself in this environment, you may discover new insights and gain a sense of heightened awareness.

Build Up Your Bravery: Not ready to jump into the full experience? Find a Glow-ga class near you where you can flow in the dark while illuminated by glow stick necklaces.

Get Quiet

A silent meditation retreat can be challenging and even unnerving for some people. Spending time in silence has been found to promote self-regulation, stress reduction, and improved mental health, says Langham. It can be a powerful way to reconnect with your inner self. If you combine your silent journey with a few hours of forest bathing such as the experience at Spruce Peak in Stowe, VT, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of nature.

Build Up Your Bravery:  Spend an afternoon in a quiet place—the park, a museum, a comfy chair in your own home—with your phone turned off.

A woman in a white dress with blue flowers swings over the jungle in Bali.
(Photo: Courtesy of Ingrid Yang)

Fly High in the Sky

Embarking on adrenaline-releasing experiences teaches us to manage anxiety and cope with stress more effectively. Get your heart pumping on a yoga retreat while swinging over the jungle in Bali or ziplining in St. Maarten. Feeling even more like a daredevil? Rappel the historic Queen Juliana Bridge in Curaçao.

Build up your Bravery: Start building your tolerance for being airborne with an aerial yoga or acro yoga class.

Push Your Body to the Edge

Your body is capable of incredible feats and exploring its potential can be transformative. Why else do we challenge ourselves with handstands and arm balances? “Challenging yourself with intense physical activities boosts self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being,” Langham says. A combination of surfing and yoga can challenge your balance. A freediving intensive at the Four Seasons Haulālai could help you take your pranayama practice to another level.

Build Up Your Bravery: Take a scuba class that starts you in the pool before your instructor teaches you to scuba in open water.

Follow Your Dreams

Following your dreams and participating in activities aligned with our values fosters a sense of purpose and well-being, says Langham. Look for a retreat that allows you to immerse yourself in something you’ve always wanted to learn or do. Attend a writers’ retreat, enroll in a theater workshop, or join a wine-tasting getaway. There are all sorts of creative retreats that include an element of yoga or meditation, such as a Photography & Yoga Retreat, Stone Sculpting & Yoga Retreat or Yoga and Yarn Spinning. Depending on your interest, you can combine yoga with any type of creative activity from jewelry making to sketching.

Build up your Bravery: Start with a creative online class from home.


About Our Contributor

An internal medicine physician and yoga therapist, Ingrid Yang has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and leads trainings and retreats all over the world.  She is also the author of the books Adaptive Yoga and Hatha Yoga Asanas. Find out more at

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Referensi Situs Casino Online Yang Sangat Gacor

Referensi Situs Casino Online Yang Sangat Gacor

Kami memberi saran tentang Situs Live Casino pragmatic play yang memberi jekpot paling besar. Casino Online yakni kombinasi di antara game online terpilih dengan negosiasi amat irit buat mendapati keuntungan optimal. Situs Casino Online yang kami menawarkan yaitu Situs judi slot online terpercaya dan terunggul di Indonesia. Ada banyak mesin permainan Live Casino hari ini dari beberapa provider berskala Internasional maka dapat pastikan keamanan serta kepuasan bermain.

Situs link Live Casino thailand dapat memanfaatkan Telkomsel serta XL Axis 100% diolah ke account. Slotter mania pastinya telah tak asing berikut nama besar Pragmatic Play, PG Soft, sampai Joker Gaming sebab populer menjadi provider Situs Live Casino 2023 terpercaya dengan jekpot paling besar. Nach dengan Daftar Live Casino maxwin bet kecil oleh Situs yang kami kenalkan, karenanya rekan-rekan bisa mencoba jejeran slot online gacor.

Casino Online memang sudah ternama serta warga punyai ketertarikan yang tinggi padanya dalam tahun-tahun ini ini. Sarana dan spesifikasi terunggul kami pasarkan dalam Live Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya Gacor 2023 terkini serta punya RTP slot tinggi masih fresh. Dengan demikian tiap bettor punyai kemungkinan besar menjadi pemenang jekpot paling besar sampai capai beberapa puluh juta rupiah sehari-harinya dari bermain Live Casino gampang menang, ada pun slot deposit dana ewallet yang lain dan lewat transfer rekening bank.

Link Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya & Sah Tahun 2023

Tautan Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya yang terpercaya dan resmi, menjamin seluruh bentuk kemenangan anda akan di bayarkan tunai lantas ke dalam saldo anda. Anda bisa memainkan ratusan permainan Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya dengan gampang hanya dengan meregistrasikan 1 akun di link Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya. Kami juga menjamin anda bisa mendapatkan jalan masuk ke dalam Situs judi online via link Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercayaa.

Tautan Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya 2023 telah tak perlu ragu lagi dengan bantuan Situs slot online yang benar-benar terpercaya. vwslot menghadirkan 15 provider slot jackpot Gacor terbesar dan terbaik di dunia. Dengan RTP (Return To Players) rata-rata 95%, pemain tak perlu ragu untuk memainkan game slot online apa saja.

Semua tinggi prosentase RTP di Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya, semakin banyak kemenangan yang pasti Anda miliki, sehingga prosentase kemenangan slotter lebih tinggi dan kans untuk mendapatkan jackpot lebih tinggi dan lebih gampang. Banyak anggota Daftar Situs Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya yang kerap kali menanyakan provider Live Casino mana yang gacor lalu dicoba supaya player bisa menang dengan metode yang sama. Namun provider agen judi online terupdate 2023 mempunyai kelebihannya masing-masing. Situs Daftar Casino Online Uang Asli Terpercaya hanya menawarkan yang terbaik untuk pemain slot! Sebab sekali lagi, ini seluruh perihal kemujuran – setiap pemain Live Casino mempunyai taruhan kecil dan berbeda untuk di mainkan.

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Main Slot Secara Bertahap Tidak Serakah

Main Slot Secara Bertahap Tidak Serakah

Hal yang selanjutnya perlu dilakukan adalah tentang bagaimana caranya kamu bisa bermain permainan taruhan judi online secara bertahap dan tidak serakah. Dalam hal ini tentu kamu harus bisa pikirkan bagaimana caranya supaya kemudian bisa bermain taruhan judi slot dengan modal minim terlebih dahulu. Sebelum bermain dengan menggunakan modal besar, sebaiknya coba pilih dan mainkan pilihan permainan taruhan judi dengan modal yang seadanya terlebih dahulu.

Pada situs slot online gacor diluar sana banyak yang menawarkan hal serupa dari deposit terjangkau paling murah bahkan terlengkap metode depositnya. Akan tetapi tidak semua bisa anda percayakan begitu saja, melainkan harus mempunyai profile agen situs daftar slot airbet88 slot online terpercaya pasti bayar kemenangan berapapun. Maka dari itu ketika kamu sudah menemukan pilihan situs kami Daftar Situs Slot Gacor Maxwin Hari Ini Gampang Menang disini, maka kemudian kamu bisa langsung saja bergabung. Kamu bisa langsung saja bergabung bersama kami untuk mendapatkan kesempatan bermain game slot gacor hari ini dengan modal kecil atau modal minim. Soal metode deposit, tidak perlu khawatir karena memang ada banyak sekali pilihan metode yang tersedia dan bisa digunakan. Kamu bisa memilih untuk menggunakan salah satu dari beberapa pilihan metode berikut:

Deposit Bank Lokal
Pilihan metode terlengkap itu tentu memudahkan untuk player slot sehingga mereka bisa menggunakan pilihan metode deposit slot sesuai dengan apa yang dimilikinya saat ini. Kalau kamu memang saat ini misalnya hanya memiliki rekening bank, maka kamu bisa menggunakan pilihan metode tersebut untuk melakukan proses deposit slot di dalam permainan game judi slot yang kamu jalankan tersebut.

Cara dan Langkah Sederhana Daftar Akun Slot Gacor Judi Online

Proses pendaftaran akun gacor di dalam permainan taruhan slot online memang bisa dilakukan dengan mengikuti beberapa prosedur dan panduan. Oleh karena itu disini kita akan jelaskan secara lebih rinci dan detail beberapa langkah apa saja yang harus dilakukan jika mau mendaftar akun. Proses registrasi atau pendaftaran akun ini sebetulnya sangatlah mudah untuk dipahami dan juga dimengerti sehingga prosesnya bisa berlangsung dengan cara mudah dan dengan cara sangat simpel praktis modern dan juga kekinian.

Manfaat dan Kelebihan Bergabung di Situs Judi Slot Online Gacor Terbaru

Daftar Situs Slot Gacor Maxwin Hari Ini Gampang Menang adalah situs slot online gacor yang ada di Indonesia menawarkan berbagai manfaat dan kelebihan serta keuntungan bagi para member yang bergabung. Setiap pemain atau member siapapun itu pasti akan bisa mendapatkan sekaligus juga memanfaatkan beragam promosi dan penawaran menarik. Hal ini pastinya akan jadi salah satu sumber keuntungan dan penawaran menarik yang menjanjikan yang bisa beri banyak manfaat dan kelebihan. Setiap pemain yang mau bermain game slot online di situs slot manapun, tentu kamu disarankan untuk bisa mengecek kelebihan dan keuntungan apa saja pada agen resmi slot tersebut.

Kami menawarkan kamu beragam manfaat dan kelebihan serta keuntungan yang sangat besar berkali-kali yang akan memberikan kamu kesempatan menang dan untung lebih banyak. Semua pemain yang mau bermain gamedi situs slot gacor tentu disarankan untuk bisa memanfaatkan berbagai penawaran dari manfaat dan kelebihan itu sebaik-baiknya. Disini kami tawarkan kamu beragam kelebihan dan keuntungan yang mungkin tidak bisa kamu temukan di beberapa pilihan situs judi online antara lain:

1. Kemudahan Akses
Kemudahan pertama adalah soal akses permainan slot. Disini player bisa mengakses permainan dengan menggunakan ragam pilihan perangkat atau pun juga multiple device. Perangkat yang kompatibel dan bisa digunakan diantaranya adalah berbasis desktop komputer laptop, ataupun juga berbasis mobile smartphone Android dan iPhone. Selain itu juga akses bisa dilakukan selama 24 jam nonstop sehingga bisa lebih fleksibel kamu mengakses permainan kapan saja bahkan tanpa VPN.

2. Kemudahan Transaksi
Transaksi menjadi salah satu hal penting lainnya yang juga kami tawarkan berbagai kemudahan bagi para member. Disini palyer ataupun member bisa melakukan proses transaksi dengan menggunakan beberapa pilihan metode yang tersedia. Transaksi paling umum biasanya dilakukan dengan menggunakan transfer bank, deposit pulsa tanpa potongan, ataupun juga dengan menggunakan dompet digital e-money dana, gopay, ovo dan linkaja. Jadi pasti kamu bisa memilih salah satu pilihan metode deposit slot apa saja dan mana saja.