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Astrology for the Week of August 21-27, 2022

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The days ahead are a time to deepen your connection with your undeniable innate worth and reconsider what you believe you deserve. When you tweak even your smallest steps in service of your highest potential, you will find that there is untold potential for new beginnings.

Virgo season begins

Our astrological calendar is represented by the Sun moving through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac and spending around a month in each. As the Sun explores each sign, there is a projection of that zodiacal vibe onto everything.

On August 22, 2022, the Sun moves into Virgo. Here our lives become colored by this healing, efficient, and focused archetype. Virgo gifts each of us the intention and motivation to bring clarity and focus into our lives.

One of the many traits of Virgo is its sharp eye. It can see clearly what doesn’t fit, what doesn’t belong, what needs to be moved or tweaked, and what needs to be released. Whereas some zodiac signs see an artistic and imaginative larger picture, Virgo focuses on each singular piece of that puzzle and is able to logically and intuitively piece together each incremental step to create the whole.

During this season, we are guided to witness the small movements in our lives—the habits, the thought patterns, the day-to-day actions—and take note of what fits, what serves our big picture, what is adding to or taking away from our experiencing our most vibrant and fulfilled selves. This time brings an emphasis on organization, refinement, purification, and a focus on all things related to health and well-being.

Uranus retrograde begins

When a planet is in retrograde, it only appears to move backward from our vantage. In truth, our beautiful Earth completes its orbit around the Sun more quickly than most planets, and therefore periodically overtakes them. When this happens, the influence of the planet in retrograde is turned inward instead of outward. Similarly, we are guided to inwardly reflect, review, and ponder the guidance and insights that the planet holds for us.

On August 24, 2022, Uranus begins its retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Uranus is a burst of enthusiasm, rebellion, evolution, revolution, and evolution all in one planet. When Uranus energy is strong, we can feel it. Foundations crack open in the name of growth and expansion, and we are guided to take new steps, leap into the unknown, and step out of our comfort zones.

With this inward experience of Uranus retrograde, we may be guided to renew our values, reorganize and re-establish our sense of self-worth or question the perspectives that we have been carrying around. This pertains especially to all things Taurus-related, including our values, sense of self, skills, need for rest, building and finances. If you know that you are ready to see yourself in a new light, to update your perspective in a way that reflects your truth, meditate with this energy, journal on all the skills and wonders that you bring to the table, and allow yourself to see the magic in those things.

Mercury enters Libra

The ruler of all things pertaining to the mind, communication, learning, technology, and logic, Mercury is a quick-moving planet. It spends approximately three weeks in each zodiac sign while shaping our minds and our communications. Mercury moves into the Venus-ruled sign of Libra on August 25, bringing beauty, balance, fairness, and an artistic flair to our thinking and communicating.

As Libra is the sign of partnership, this is an opportune time for balanced and harmonious interactions with our loved ones or anyone with whom we are in any type of partnership. Libra is a beautiful energy desiring to find the middle ground in each interaction, knowing that unless we serve everyone involved, we actually serve no one.

While Mercury is in Libra, it’s an auspicious time to negotiate plans or contracts, brainstorm collaborative ideas, explore ideas and intentions with your loved one, or reach a beginning place in business partnership.

New Moon in Virgo

When the Moon is new, she allows herself to be reborn. She begins again. It is a new chapter. A new opportunity. A blank slate from which you can create your desires.

The new Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022, is a beautiful new beginning that invites us to step into a space of health and service in a way that naturally extends from seeing our worth.

Virgo invites each of us to rise into our potential, as if seeing ourselves from the perspective of this sign reminds us of our worthiness and potential. We have been swimming in the realm of Virgo for almost a week, so this new Moon is a beautiful opportunity to officially say yes to the themes that have been coming up for you. Whether it’s been a desire to implement a new practice, habit, perspective, routine, or to change up our day-to-day living in a new way.

Mars adds some fire to this new Moon. The medicine available is grounding through the breath, communing with the body as a temple, and the methodical energy that Virgo brings. Lean into what can soothe the mind, whether it is movement, journaling, mediation or a walk in nature. If anyone knows how to be its own healer, it is Virgo.

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Your invitation

This week holds the invitation to truly show up for yourself in the way that you deserve. It may look like small steps and moment-to-moment living, as Virgo encourages, or reframing and healing how you witness your value, as coaxed by Uranus, or making decisions and engaging in interactions that reflect your worth.

It all starts within you. Reconsider what you believe you deserve, and what you believe you can bring into your experience. Hold the intention to see your worth throughout each day, to witness the value you bring into each of your interactions and experiences, and to view yourself through the lens of awe. We are often some of the last to see our own magic. This week invites that to change.

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