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After Using This Product on My Sweaty Hair, I’m Ditching My Dry Shampoo

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I would be dishonest if I didn’t disclose that my yoga class attendance revolves around my hair-washing schedule. While I emerge from my favorite hot yoga flow centered and rejuvenated, my hair emerges from it soaked. Yes, soaked. After years of trying to solve the problem with dry shampoo (and even baby powder at one point), I had given up. Washing my sweaty hair after these classes clearly wasn’t optional—it was required.

That is, until I tried Unsubscribe’s No-Rinse Hair Wash.

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Unlike typical spray-based dry shampoos, this product is a foam. It’s made for all hair types, and you adjust the amount of product you apply based on your specific hair type. Since I have straight hair, I only applied one to two pumps of foam to the ends of my hair. If you have curly or coily hair, you’re advised to apply a bit more. I’ll admit: I was skeptical that a foam-based shampoo alternative could truly treat my sweaty hair the same way a hair wash could. This product quickly proved me wrong.

After applying the foam, I blew my hair dry, as I normally would. If you prefer to let your hair air dry, you can also opt to do that. While the product initially made my sweaty ends sticky, as I continued to apply heat to my head, the strands slowly softened. Within roughly 20 minutes, my hair felt soft to the touch, as if I had just conditioned it. What was this magic?

The ingredients behind this rinse-free hair wash

Unsubscribe markets this product as an alternative to dry shampoo—a different formula designed specifically to treat sweat-ridden hair. Made with amino acids, enzymes and spa-worthy extracts, this no-rinse wash doesn’t contain some of the typical ingredients you would find in a dry shampoo. Rather, this foamy wash is made with gentle and soothing ingredients.

Since dry shampoos are typically sprayed out of an aerosol bottle, they can contain potentially harmful chemicals. In 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalled a handful of dry shampoos after learning they may have had dangerous amounts of benzene, a carcinogen. And while this specific case may not warrant swearing off dry shampoo forever, looking for other products that that don’t contain such chemicals isn’t a bad idea.

An environmental benefit

There are many hacks promising to turn your sweaty hair into a perfect ‘do. From rinsing your hair with cold water to washing just the ends with conditioner (minus the shampoo!), these tricks may give you the same results as Unsubscribe’s product. However, one of the key benefits of this no-rinse wash is in the name: It doesn’t require any rinsing. And by avoiding the wash, this product saves gallons of water. Your next water bill—and the environment–will thank you.

The verdict on this new hair solution

So, will this new product replace my every-other-day or every-third-day hair washes? Probably not. As much as I would love to skip the extensive washing, blow drying, and styling routine, I’m not sure my hair—or my sanity—could handle it. However, this product solves for a frequent need that I have—dealing with gross, sweaty hair on days when a wash just isn’t feasible. And on those days, after that really hot yoga class or a humid outdoor flow, I’ll definitely continue to turn to this foamy wash.

Unsubscribe, No-Rinse Hair Wash, $24

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