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A 45-Minute Vinyasa Sequence That Uses Yoga Blocks in New Ways

This vinyasa practice makes use of two blocks in some familiar and unexpected ways. We flow through Sun Salutations, standing pose flows, some core and arm balance work, backbends, and hip openers. Along the way we will use the blocks to increase our proprioception, stability, and engagement. Enhance the functionality of your practice and experience some new feedback and awareness in the poses you know and love.

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These additional practices demonstrate how to use props to enhance your practice, whether by regressing or progressing your movements. Here’s what you might have missed:

About our contributor

Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga and movement educator, artist, and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of human anatomy, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in many yoga styles and movement modalities. Considered a “teacher’s teacher,” Rocky works worldwide and online facilitating trainings and continuing education for teachers. Rocky works in collaboration with Noah Mazé as a faculty member and key contributor to the curriculum at the Mazé Method, and as a featured teacher on Yoga International. Rocky enjoys a rich and dynamic life with his magnificent community of artists, and is a founding member of the Queer Wellness Collective, which seeks to promote well-being to members of the queer community. Students steep themselves in Rocky’s teaching for his intelligence, humor, and innovative approach to movement, as well as his ability to make complex concepts accessible. Follow him on Instagram @rockyheron.

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