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11 Beauty Bars to Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

Ready to ditch those plastic bottles for your personal care items? Make the switch to beauty bars. These products are made with natural ingredients and come in reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable packaging. Plus, they’ll last just as long—if not longer—than bottles, touting over 30 washes for your face, body, and hair. Many of the best beauty bars out there are crafted by small business owners, so no two bars will look exactly the same. So you can treat your body with the same care that went into every bar, while also keeping plastic out of the landfill. A win–win.


Maggie Ann Soap Co. Lavender Bergamot Lotion Bar | $16

The warmth of your skin softens this irresistibly scented, super-hydrating bar as you apply it.

Pretty Frank lotion bar

Pretty Frank Vanilla Lavender Lotion Bar | $15

Beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter provide an ultra-moisturizing, petroleum-free skin-care option that leaves skin touchably soft.

Moon Valley herbal lotion bar

Moon Valley Organics Bergamot Geranium Herbal Lotion Bar | $12

The bergamot in this calming treatment for chapped hands has astringent and antibacterial properties to soothe skin without irritation.


Booda all-in-one soap

Booda Organics Suds of Love All-in-One Soap | $7

Olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter hydrate hair and skin, and create ample lather for a smooth shave.


Silver Falls conditioner bar

Silver Falls Sustainability Co. Conditioner Bar | $9

Argan oil helps prevent dryness and reduce frizz, while pro-vitamin B5 strengthens your hair follicles.

Hibar Maintain conditioner bar

HiBAR Maintain Conditioner Bar | $14

This lightweight conditioner for normal hair is ideal for everyday use. Honeyquat and shea butter bring a shiny finish to your tresses.

Chagrin Valley conditioner

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company Butter Bar Conditioner | $10

A cross between shampoo and lotion, this conditioning bar has twice as many oils and butters as most to ensure nourishment.


Sebesta Apothecary shave bar

Sebesta Apothecary Shave Bar | $8

Bentonite clay and colloidal oatmeal form a thick lather when mixed with water. Use it to shave or as a balm for dry and irritated skin.

Rad Soap Co. shave bar

Rad Soap Co. Smooth Shave Bar Soap | $10

Your shave routine needs hemp seed oil. Why? It’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which hydrate skin. They’re also anti-inflammatory, so even sensitive areas can receive a satisfying shave.


Hibar Maintain shampoo bar

HiBAR Maintain Shampoo Bar | $14

A color-safe shampoo that’s gentle enough for every day, yet still addresses oily buildup (when you skip shampooing).

Waste Free Products Tangie shampoo bar

Waste Free Products Tangie Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar | $12

Each bar is good for more than 70 washes—that’s equal to nearly three shampoo bottles! The secret ingredient? Rosemary, which stimulates circulation to the scalp to hasten hair growth.

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